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Coin listing on is now open

Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk and Changpeng Zhao are pointing towards the reader and asking: “IS YOUR COIN SUBMITTED FOR LISTING” (on
IS YOUR COIN SUBMITTED FOR LISTING? is launching the next stage in its EU-based, fully compliant crypto custody wallet, exchange and payment platform that will enable users to hold, transfer and transact a wide range of crypto assets in a seamless, cost effective and efficient manner.

We are now inviting crypto communities to add their projects to and encourage their supporters to vote for the inclusion of their coin. Listing priority will be based on the number of votes recorded by a community, the considered coin merits and project potential, as well as commercial, legal and technical factors. The coin market cap, trading volume and the number of exchange listings are unimportant in this selection process.

This digital asset listing procedure presents a significant opportunity for the global, expanding crypto community, in that the addition of a coin to will provide included projects with visibility, usability, tradability and, importantly, a no-charge listing on a fully-compliant, EU-based crypto exchange. It is anticipated that coins will be listed on the platform at the targeted rate of two coins per week.

Free submission and voting is carried out at, where the coin listing progress and activities are displayed.

This payment platform consists of three major components;, a cross-platform, multi-currency mobile wallet application; a crypto exchange which enables the exchange of value between the cryptocurrencies that are listed in and a selected basket of prevalent digital assets; and payment gateways that facilitate the external transfer of crypto assets for commercial transactions. has been specifically designed as a custodial wallet that will promote the mass adoption and use of crypto assets, and includes an attractive, easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. Participants are able to store and transact an extensive selection of crypto assets, with transfers between wallet users being instant and free of charge.

The payment gateways currently under development will be essential components of the services, allowing retail and online businesses to accept crypto payments made via the application. In addition, these components will enable businesses to issue their own digital assets, loyalty points or coupons, which will be directly available on the app.

It is important to note that users may download, open an account and transact without undergoing identity verification procedures. All that is required is an existing login using a personal online profile such as Apple ID, Google, Twitter, Discord or LinkedIn. In this case, according to current EU regulations, the maximum deposit in a account will be limited to 1,000 USD (or equivalent), allowing community members to experience the wallet and exchange services without undergoing more stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Users who would like to execute transactions that exceed the 1,000 USD limitation will be subject to a mandatory, yet user-friendly KYC procedure.

For further information, please join our community on an official Discord Channel. download:




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