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New Choices

Most People Aren’t Normal

And that’s beautiful

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

I’m not sure what ‘normal’ looks like, but I know most people aren’t, and that’s a good thing. We struggle. We have ups and downs. But the pressure of mainstream demands us to do more, be thinner, look younger when older. Sleep more, sleep less. Exercise. Be more successful.

By the way, what is success? More $$, bigger, better?!?




Mindfulness, sexuality, and life experiences, all inform and reflect our choices. We write about life’s many choices and where they lead.

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Carolyn Riker

Carolyn Riker

Poetry is my first love. Inspired by intuition & my chunky ginger cat. My favorite place is by the sea, sipping espressos and daydreaming.

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