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For Adventure and Inspiration, Read These New Writers in New Choices

They’ve each made brave, funny, inspiring choices

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I started the publication New Choices to present some of my work that didn’t fit in the publications I contribute to regularly. These stories were more personal, and told of choices I made that impact every day of my life.

Now, other writers are joining me in sharing their own personal stories of choice and where their choices lead.

Every choice leads to a journey. Every journey leads to new choices.

Here are some of our authors and their powerful stories:

Andrew Rodwin writes a moving story of conquering a life-long addiction to anger.

If you’ve struggled with anger, as Andrew and I have, you’ll enjoy this heartfelt piece, and maybe find your own new choice to control anger.

Nicole Akers, my writing colleague and friend, writes of bullying, and her reactions to the bullying of her child. It’s measured and uplifting, while showing her strong Mama Bear tendencies. Any parent will be enriched by her work.

Edward Robson, PhD, MFA isn’t new to the publication, but he has a lot to say about choices and reinventing your life, because he has reinvented his. From starting and finishing grad school in his 60s, to moving across country to do it, and riding his bike to classes and everywhere else, he is an inspiration. He’s also proof that you can make your life what you want it to be.

Andrew Gaertner has the kind of sci-fi imagination I adore. Except, there may not be as much sci-fi in this piece as there is prediction. His question isn’t will sex robots replace or enhance sex between humans, it’s when and how. And what choices will we make about sex robots when they’re mainstream?

Tre King writes his dark humor take on a choice he thinks God has made. It’s a biting satire about humanity and our choices gone awry.

Finally, here’s my humorous piece which elicited these contributions. Let me know if you want me to add you as a writer. We’re looking for impactful pieces that can be serious or humorous, and describe a choice or choices you or someone you know have made that took you on a journey leading to even more new choices, and how that changed your life. Every choice leads to a journey. Every journey leads to new choices.




Mindfulness, sexuality, and life experiences, all inform and reflect our choices. We write about life’s many choices and where they lead.

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