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Uneducated, Greedy Megachurch Pastors Lead Christians Astray

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and the sheep follow blindly

Photo by Anne Zwagers on Unsplash

Joel Osteen has no college or seminary degree. He’s one of many.

Osteen studied briefly at Oral Roberts University without graduating, then worked behind the scenes in Lakewood’s TV ministry until his father’s death in 1999, when he took over as lead minister. Why does…




Mindfulness, sexuality, and life experiences, all inform and reflect our choices. We write about life’s many choices and where they lead.

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Carol Lennox

Carol Lennox

Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist Sharing new choices. Leans Left. Mindfulness practitioner before it was cool. LPC, M.Ed. Helping you make a difference every day

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