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Get Simple Video Press. Simple Video Press A Magic robots??? — Simple Video Press Reviews!!!

Do you wish automation? If you use YouTube & Wordpress in your business promoting efforts. It’s all regarding Magic Robots”.

(If not — thanks for checking it out and consider forwarding this to a disciple who does. They can thanks for doing so.)

A complete new software was simply released called “Simple Video Press” this week and it is not like anything I even have ever seen before. It literally automates the creation of blog posts from video, builds your email list and therefore much additional… .

Go here and watch the video (prepare to be blown away):

“What is SVP — what will it do?”

Basically the “magic robots” do the heavy lifting for you! Whenever you produce a brand new video and upload it to YouTube — it automates the creation of a blog post with your new video.

Literally upload the Video to YouTube and keep it up along with your day. The software then creates a new blog post for you and publishes it!

Go here currently to induce Simple Video Press (limited availability):

3 license levels

Single Site — $29- this is good for one site
Multi Site — $49 Can be used on up to 3 sites
Professional — $139 For the pro — can be used on unlimited sites

Top Features

It comes with Magic Robots!
Automatically creates a brand new video blog post when a replacement video is uploaded to YouTube. You’ll be able to select to auto-publish or save new posts as drafts and also the robots will email you telling you that your new video post is prepared! The same robots will work onerous to gather new emails & subscribers for you also any new comments you receive from YouTube will be added to your web site.

Lead Generating Machine!
Go ahead and celebrate — SVP will work arduous to gather emails while you play! SVP Automatically creates opt-in forms beneath each video to capture leads and build your mailing list quickly. Additionaly you’ll be able to produce email gates on your videos. Whats an email gate? Good question — basically we tend to offer you the ability to lock your content, and the patron will unlock it by entering their email. YES — SVP Supports all major email autoresponders.

Subscriber Increase guaranteed!
Simple Video Press comes with a designed in “One-Click” YouTube subscribe button. If you simply knew how well this issue works!

Facebook News Feed Optimized!
Posts using Simple Video Press automatically feature the video and yes it is playable inside of Facebook! We tend to worked long and onerous to make this a reality — we wish you to get the most mileage out of your content.

100% Mobile-Responsive Pages
Yes — Simple Video Press desires your website to look pretty when viewed via mobile!

Designed In Statistics.
We like having things in one place — thus we engineered the software to display your stats within your website! After installling SVP you may see all of your stats in one place!

Sidebar Video Showcase Widget
Simple Video Press comes with a built in, simple to deploy sidebar Video Showcase! In concerning 7 seconds you can add the SVP widget and swank your videos. This easy little widget will be an enormous supply of new views!

Social Sharing Engineered in!
We have a tendency to apprehend how valuable Social Traffic can be — therefore we tend to have designed right into the player some nice social sharing options! You’ll notice the next instance of sharing and additional traffic!

Branding Power
Simple Video Press provides you branding power! Up your game with professional trying branded videos! Yes, meaning you can add your logo to any and every one of your videos!

Call to Action Buttons — built in!!!
Simple Video Press knows how important action is. We tend to needed to offer you the power to make calls to action in the exact spot your users eyeballs are focused — the video! That’s right — Simple Video Press now offers you the power to put amazing calls to action (Learn a lot of, Register, Purchase, Shop currently, Book Now, Sign up, Download, etc. etc.) right on the video!

Go here now to get SVP and put the Magic Robots to work (limited availability): Simple Video Press |