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Adoring Jesus for Who He is…

…Not Just for What He Can Do for Us…


“His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance…

When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as though dead.” (Revelation 1:16–17)

A few years back, my wife and I were out on a late-afternoon drive around town when we caught view of a breathtaking rainbow that was forming right in front of our eyes. A rainstorm had just come and gone, and God left this rainbow as a reminder of His imprint upon nature. Immediately, we got out of our cars and took a quick video. The sight was so majestic, so awesome, that we quickly dropped our plans or dropped whatever plans we had.

So many of us, when we think of heaven, think of a place where we will see loved ones again. We may think of streets of gold. We may even find our hearts racing with anticipation when we think of the total bliss and serenity in that place.

But if you were to see the living Lord Jesus in a vision like is described above, do you really think you’d even have a milli-nano-second of a thought about any of this other stuff? NO!!!!! You’d be flat on your face for a million years-plus in total, unspeakable, even fearful awe of such majestic Presence.

Why is it that so much popular “Christian teaching” today focuses on what we will get out of God, rather than on God Himself? When we focus on His gifts rather than on His Person, we are using God rather than loving Him. And if you’ve ever been used by someone else, you can understand what a supreme insult this is to the Creator Himself.

Just like we could let our agenda get in the way of enjoying the beauty of the rainbow, so we can let your agenda get in the way of enjoying the beauty of the King.

Don’t let that be said of you.



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Gary David Flamberg

Gary David Flamberg

Free-lance writer and fellow sojourner with a desire to communicate hope, convey truth as I see it, and encourage dialogue on important issues.