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“Agnus Dei”

by Michael W. Smith

Image by Javy Luzania on Unsplash

Finally, I am back in my old church. Oh, how I missed it. I didn’t find a lot of fellowship in France, although I did meet a nice small group near the end of my time there.

I love this church in Portugal. They are an amazing bunch of people. I feel blessed to be part of the community.

As I missed it so much, I decided to jump in and get involved this year.

So I offered to serve where they were short. As it turned out, they needed help in all areas as the church is growing.

They said, “Where would you like to serve? It’s up to you.”

I hadn’t thought about it as I just wanted to fill the need.

I then had to choose between, Sound, Welcome, Worship, or Sunday school. It wasn’t easy, so I prayed, and found myself on the worship team. 😊

Today was the first day, but we rehearsed last night. I didn’t know what songs they were going to sing, but said to the Lord, “It doesn’t matter, I will sing whatever they choose.”

And to my surprise, one of my favourite worship songs was on the list! Yes, you guessed it, Agus Dei by Michael W. Smith. It’s a beautiful worship song.

I hope you enjoy it!



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