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Looking Back on 2022 and What the Writers at New Creation Had to Say

A selection of stories & poems that will inspire you to think in a new way!

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New Creation began in February 2022, almost one year now. It’s been a great experience for me to run this publication.

I never imagined I’d ever have an opportunity like this. It’s been a real joy.

But, I owe it all to you; the writers, readers, Medium, and of course, God.

Doing the work of God is especially nice when it’s something we enjoy. I enjoy all aspects of running this publication.

But you may have noticed, I am not pushing it to grow fast. That’s partly because I don’t have the time and partly because I don’t see the rush.

Medium is not going to vanish, and I’ll always have a laptop and phone nearby, so I am confident that New Creation will continue to grow, but at its own pace.

Below is a list of some pieces we received in 2022.

I read them all and found pearls of wisdom in each and every one.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did…(And this time, I’ve included a few of my own.:))

Christ The Reality of Heaven Walter Kahler

God’s Eternal Joy Walter Kahler

The Wisdom of Patience Walter Kahler

Unveiling Hope’s Power Walter Kahler

5 Ways to Grow Closer to God Octavia Steen

God loves it when you talk to Him Julia Kathryn

But, Why Did He Have to Die? Orla K.

Unity in the Body of Christ: We are Called to Love One Another Orla K.

Jesus Christ! What Exactly Is His Message? George Blue Kelly

What Does it Mean to Have a Heart Like David? George Blue Kelly

Is Christianity a Religion? George Blue Kelly

Saved By Grace David Hoffman

An Ex-Prisoner’s Writing Journey David Hoffman

My 22nd Birthday, First Photo Shoot Ever, and A Lesson on Intentional Living Olusegun Iyejare

Spoiler! God is not a spoiler Olusegun Iyejare

My New Life Experience Dami Lare

Your Passion And Your Purpose Dami Lare

Always Confess Your Expectation And Not Your Situation Dami Lare

My Thank You Joanne Olivieri

My Lighthouse Joanne Olivieri

The Mind of Christ Zane Fleming

When You’ve Exhausted Yourself, The Lord is Near Zane Fleming

The Sacrament of the Present Moment Zane Fleming

Vocation + Calling: How Do I Know What To Do? Zane Fleming

Wake Up Prophetic Poet

Not Many Prophetic Poet

Multiplication of Love D Beasley

7 Amazing Ways Jesus Defines Our Journeys D Beasley

Buried Truth Lynne Collier

I Left Depression Behind Lynne Collier

Trust Samuel Ortiz

Dear Love Samuel Ortiz

Lamentations Joseph Boyle

Insomnia…with God Jenny Lytle

Practical Steps to Conquer Fear Walter Willis

You’re Completely Out of Control! And that’s a good thing Walter Willis

A Way Out of Abandonment and Loneliness Walter Willis

Teach Us How to Pray Bev Garcia

4 Easy Ways to Map Your Direction When You Lose Your Way Bev Garcia

Justification and Sanctifaction Bev Garcia

Time to Make a Timeline of Your Life Bev Garcia

The Illusion of the Dead End: Lessons from Bible People Remi Roy

Grace for the Superwoman: Lessons from Bible People Remi Roy

Worship Through It All: Lessons from Bible People Remi Roy

The New Creation Lives For Jesus Ross Thompson

The Experience With The Favor Of God Ross Thompson

Why Did You Fear? Ross Thompson

Apostle Paul Had No Doubts About His True Identity, It Should Be The Same With Us Ross Thompson

Why Jesus Gave The Five Fold Ministries Ross Thompson

The Immense Scope of Goodness Frank Larkin

The Amazing Power of God Frank Larkin

Staying on The Spiritual Path James Jordan

Refuse to be Discouraged Jam Pel

The Most Important Achievement in Life Jam Pel

Learn To Always “Weary” God With Your Persistent Prayers Jam Pel

What do You Have in Your House? Karen Carr

The Secret of Contentment Lu Skerdoo

The Day God Spoke To Me Pamela Oglesby

How I Found God Pamela Oglesby

How I Came to Know Christ — Kay

His Word Says, Be Strong Anthonia Bakare

What Needless Pain We Bear Anthonia Bakare

God Is With Us In The Hibernation Melissa Morris

Having Patience In The Waiting Melissa Morris

“Wash me, Lord!” Jota Oliveira

When God Let Me Lose The Battle RAINNA

Depression Hurts Andrea Cannon

Illness & Hardship Andrea Cannon

Losing Your Identity On the Upper West Side Barbara Carson Todd

Knowing God Has Set Me Free From Fear Julia Kathryn

Crohn’s Disease Healing Testimony Julia Kathryn

The Holy Spirit Calls Jenny Alexander

I Married the Man I Blocked Jenny Alexander

Where Is Your Trust? Jenny Alexander

Baptism of the Holy Spirit Jenny Alexander

The People that Know their God shall be Strong and do Exploits Orla K.

From New Age to Jesus: My Testimony Charlotte Allan

Kisses of Gold Carolyn Hastings

Why did Cain Kill Abel? Francis Madu

18 Years Ago I Went on a Mission Trip to Kenya Africa that Changed the Entire Course of My Life Orla K.

Christianity is About Total Transformation of Life Julia Kathryn

Why My Soul Is Filled With Sunshine Gary L Ellis

The Secret Why You’re Not Consistent With God George Blue Kelly

The Joy of Being a Child of God Julia Kathryn

Jesus Christ Orla K.

Thy Will be Done Douglas Lim

The Guiding Light Douglas Lim

Are you Able to See Better Than the Blind Man? Douglas Lim

Healing Warters Douglas Lim

Trust in God Every Single Day Corine Hilda

I am not (supposed to be) ashamed of the Gospel Corine Hilda

The Heart Behind Our Actions is Most Important Corine Hilda

Keep the Fire Burning Karen Vizzard

Testing Your Faith Karen Vizzard

How Social Media is Dividing the Church Karen Vizzard

Am I really going to heaven? (Matthew 25) Corine Hilda

Easter Sunday: When They Dared Not Go Out Asa Spencer

Communicating Faith Creatively Gary L Ellis

When It Seems Impossible Gary L Ellis

The Canopy of Love Gary L Ellis

Evidence-Based Faith: Not an Oxymoron Gabrielle Boliou, J.D.

The Distraction of Good Deeds Gabrielle Boliou, J.D.

He Delights in You! Gary David Flamberg

The God of “Greater Things” Gary David Flamberg

Christian Leaders are Warriors in Real-Time Jessica Lyon & Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, CNP (J & J)

A Year in Review: My Christian Stories Jessica Lyon & Joshua J. Lyon, BSQP, CNP (J & J)

Break-ups can make or break you. the choice is yours Anurag Paul

Stop! Singles, Don’t Go Down That Road Deb Palmer

When E. F. Hutton Talks, People Listen Deb Palmer

Can Joy and Grief Cohabit? Deb Palmer

Did God Forget the Script — Again? Deb Palmer

Offended by Christianity? That Doesn’t Make It Wrong Brian Tubbs

Can You Read the Entire King James Bible in 2 Months or Less? Brian Tubbs

God helps those who help themselves — is a lie Dennis Hester

All Things are New Jenny Alexander

Like a Little Child Ed Jarrett

Standing in the Gap Ed Jarrett

How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place Ed Jarrett

Finding Contentment in a Culture of Consumerism Marlene Alexander

Saint Paul’s Story Teaches Us Patience Robbie Newport

Howard Storm’s Profound Near-Death Experience Robbie Newport

Howl of the Tempest Hakeem Gunn

God in a Box Micheal Woodruff

Prove It! Micheal Woodruff


Looking back in more detail..

I hope you enjoyed our review of 2022. All posts published in 2023 will go into our next newsletter and writers who joined in 2023 will also be published in our next newsletter.

If you are a Christian writer and feel inspired to share your faith, we’d be happy to have you as part of our writing community. Below are the submission guidelines.

Thank you to all the writers for your hard work and devotion to your calling. Let us not grow weary in doing good and sharing the joy of our salvation.




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