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The Healing Journey

#Podcast: Healing, Growth, and Transformation for Christians

Do you need a healing breakthrough?

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Hello, dear friends,

You may have read my post for the new year, “Out With the Old, In With the New.” In it, I said, God was doing a new thing in me but I wasn’t sure what it was or what direction He would lead me in.

So, the direction is the direction I have wanted to go in for a long time, but it seemed I had to pave the way first by introducing myself to the world. :)

This year, I want to get more specific about my vision/calling. I want to focus on healing, especially healing for Christians.

It is sad for me to see so many Christians living defeated lives or simply feeling unfulfilled.

God wants to bring all his children into a life of peace, joy, and freedom, but we first need to be willing to allow Him to do the healing work in us.

To live the abundant life that Jesus has for you, you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and face the pain of what holds you back.

This is the work life coaches do, and I can testify that it works. We can help you to unblock the obstacles that hold you back from reaching your potential.

Do you want a breakthrough in your life?

Below is episode 15 of my podcast, The Narrow Gate. You haven’t missed too much.

This year I will be sharing how God healed me and how He can heal you too.



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