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New Creation

Why we need to wait

— with expectation

Image: Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

We don’t like
to wait.
We are impatient.
We are a
want it now”
Give it to me
Can’t you see
how this is
your soul?
You are not
willing to
let things
Even wine
needs time
to mature,
so it tastes better.
It is more
after it has been
set aside
for a while.
What happens
in the waiting?
— we heal
we grow and
we learn.
And while we
wait, we can
and discern
the will of
You may not
be ready for
the things He
has planned
for you.
Your mind may
more wisdom,
and understanding.
The timing may
not be right.
Your body may
need more rest.
You are being
healed of your
wounded emotions.
They need time
to settle — 
to be taken to God
in prayer.
But, most of all
your spirit needs
to be refined
and made holy
in the
So, wait
do not grumble
in the waiting,
for you are being
for what’s
to come.
Let go,
and surrender
your will
the one
all things.

Orla Kenny, August 2021

A Christian publication sharing stories, poems and testimonies

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Orla K.

Writer and life coach writing about life, mental health, spirituality, healing, and travel.

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