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How I Booked Over 40 Speaking Engagements in Less Than a Year

Speaking Event at John Carroll University in March 2021
  • The triumphs and trials of the book writing process
  • My book writing journey (how it took almost a decade to finally tell and cherish my own story)
  • How, for me, writing evolved from private journals to a passion project
  • Finding positive and healing ways to overcome battles with one’s mental and emotional imbalances, recovery after a traumatic event, living with anxiety and depression, etc.
  • How writing can transcend beyond its pages to help heal after, grow from and enjoy life’s moments
  • Vulnerability, Resilience, Gratitude, Gaining Perspectives, and Prioritizing Self-Love



New Degree Press is a community-powered publisher for modern authors. We’ve published more than 1200+ authors, and 30+ National Book Award Winners or Finalists in the past 12 months.

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