Iqbal Wahhab is from Bangaldesh, who migrated to England as a kid.

A Bangladeshi in London reimagined Indian cuisine

Who is the guy?

  • Iqbal Wahhab once ran a successful PR firm. He also published Tandoori ( with Cobra beer), a trade magazine.
  • He hated how restaurants served Indian food in London. He wrote about it in the magazine. The food industry reacted badly. He received death threats. So, he left PR and publishing.
  • He started Cinnamon Club to prove the point. He also started Roast. Both were path breaking restaurants, providing templates for the future restaurants.
  • Indian Accent came 9 years after The Cinnamon Club. They are very similar in their offerings. Compare their menus here & here.

What’s so great about Iqbal?

  • He treated Indian cuisine like French cuisine.
  • “Iqbal had become tired of what he regarded as poor service and a lack of interest in the provenance of ingredients. “I had seen from French restaurants the limitations of what the Indian restaurants at the very top were doing. There wasn’t the same level of service or branding let alone culinary direction, so I really saw a gap in the market.”

Did he re imagine Butter Chicken? No.

  • Iqbal had hired Chef Vivek Singh for Cinnamon Club. He is the CEO of the restaurant now. They also launched 3 new restaurants in London.
  • He shares his recipe of the butter chicken, which he hasn’t changed.
  • He shares how he set up the restaurant.

Worth your time: