Barista is India’s 2nd largest coffee chain with 200 outlets.

Can Barista become cool again?

Business Standard reports that Barista is readying its version 2.0.


  • Barista is shifting to Franchise model. Earlier it owned all its stores. It runs 200 stores now.
  • It aims to open 250 stores by March, 2019, and 1500 stores by 2020.
  • Out of 50 new stores, 40 will be franchises and the rest will be owned by the company.

How big is Barista today?

  • It was the original Starbucks, high end and superior. It was also 2nd in terms of the number of cafes.
  • It has been losing its market share as it has changed hands from Tatas to Sterling to Lavazza to its current owners Canation Hospitality.
  • It claims to own 200 cafes or 10% of the market share. Cafe Coffee Day owns 1722 cafes, nearly 80% of the marketshare. Starbucks owns more than 120 cafes, 10 percent of the marketshare. Costa Coffee has 50 outlets.
  • Starbucks, Chayoos, Chai Point are in losses. CCD made a profit of INR 10 crores in FY18. Barista made a profit of INR 36 lakhs.

What is new in Barista?

  • It launched Quenchers, a sub brand brand for smoothies and shakes.
  • It will focus more on FMCG products such as premium chocolates and honey.
  • Opening Barista Diners; restaurant cum cafe, with live kitchens. 1st one opened in Noida.

How to open a cafe?