South Indian food is not just idli and dosa. Thanks to businessmen Delhi-NCR is blessed with the variety.

Delhi-NCR loves South Indian food

Do we authentic South Indian food in Delhi-NCR?


  • Manavi writes that North Indians have made South Indian food their staple.
  • Most multi cuisine restaurants have dosas and idlis in their menu. Just visit Halidram’s or Bikaner’s or Nathu’s.
  • “there’s a whole palette of distinct flavours from the five Southern states — Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana-“

Most interesting South Indian restaurant businesses in Delhi-NCR

  1. Mahabelly in Saket offers Kerala dishes
  2. Carnatic Café ( 3 outlets) offers authentic Kannada food.
  3. Juggernaut Café does Tamil vegetarian cuisine.
  4. Thalaivar dishes up pan-South Indian fare.
  5. Amma’s Haus dishes out Andhra and Kerala staples.
  6. Chateau de Pondicherry Franco-Tamil food.

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