Don’t do e-commerce

A grocer in Pune cites above reasons for not jumping on to e-commerce train

Most e-commerce businesses in India, including Flipkart, are bad copies of Amazon. They are making losses. Amazon and other startups did not happen because of erratic venture capital. It was a constant and incremental work over years.

250 years of hard work:

We’ve just started:

  • 1/4th of India uses smartphones. Though, nearly 90% uses phones.
  • Weak support services such as warehousing, transport, banking require upgrade. Report by Mckinsey.
  • Per capita income is amongst the lowest in the world( INR 1,12,000 approx).
  • No jobs?
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What should we do?

  • Build real businesses.
  • Startups and funding will not solve our problems. .
  • Share wealth like Ford did.
  • Demand action from the authorities ( contracts, labour laws, ease of getting capital, training, education)

Learn from Dorabjee’s, Pune’s oldest grocers.