Bonn started with a traditional oven, and not it aspires to be a 1000 crore brand.

Meet Bonn from Ludhina

A food FMCG company from Ludhiana, Punjab is growing at a breakneck speed.


  • Do you know Bonn is an FMCG company from Ludhiana? Mr. Manjit Singh started it in 1985. It mainly produces breads, biscuits and cakes. It aims to generate revenue of INR 1000 crores.
  • It started with a single traditional oven, consuming just 5 bags of flour per day. Today it produces up to 2.5 lakh loaves of bread per day and 1.5 lakh units of other Bakery items.
Tribune reports its impressive financial numbers. 
The company had a turnover of Rs 600 crore in financial year 2017–18. At present, the Ludhiana-based company gets around 60 per cent of its revenue from bread, 30 per cent from biscuits and rest from rusks, cakes and other products.

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