Meet 62 year old founder, who generates more profit than all the Indian startups.

Motherson Sumi has grown 6000 times since it went public

**Quiz: Who is 2018 Forbes India entrepreneur for the year? **

A) Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar. B) Oyo’s Ritesh Aggarwal 
C) Zomatos’s Deepinder Goyal. D) Ola’s Bhavesh Aggarwal

Time is up. Answer is none of the above.

Vivek Chand Sehgal is the man

  • He is 62 and from Delhi-NCR. He heads a company with a valuation of more than INR 85,000 crore. It started as a 15 crore company.
  • The annual revenue of his company is more than INR 56,000 crore. Their profit after tax for FY 18 was INR 1597 crore.
  • It has grown 6000 times. An investment of ₹2,500 in the MSSL IPO is worth ₹89.7 lakh today.

Still what’s the name of the company?

  • It’s Motherson Sumi. It has Japan’s Sumitomo Wiring Systems as its partner.
  • It owns 271 factories across 41 countries. Over 43 years he has acquired over 21 companies.
  • Motherson Sumi would be among the top 15 auto parts company by 2020.

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