Digital Marketing Workshop

NDBJ Workshop: Chapter 01

Busting Myths About Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

The first rule of marketing is you or your marketer is not your customer. Anyone’s opinions do not count. Hard data counts. A simple face to face interview with your customer is worth more than a claim by the world’s best marketer.

The second rule of marketing is to understand that tools are not the strategy. Social media, online, email and graphics are tools of digital marketing. They do not guarantee success unless we learn to use them with a plan.

The third rule of marketing is that you do not have to do MBA to learn it for your business. Since you do not want to become a rockstar marketing, you just have to understand the fundamentals. You can use it to see if the new tool, campaign or ads are useful for your business or not.

On the 22nd of December, a select group of 10 people will attend a unique, hands-on, full-day workshop to learn digital marketing for small businesses.

Most small businesses don’t know how to use marketing principles to grow their business. We’ll teach you how to find out.

The workshop will be at Base Station, New Delhi. The cost to attend is INR 5000. The workshop will be led by Shack Co.

You’ll participate in live customer interviews.

You’ll learn new techniques for unearthing the deep insights that most companies never bother to dig up.

You’ll understand why marketing is good for small businesses as much as for the big businesses.

And you’ll be able to put everything you learned to immediate use.

There’s only one simple requirement: You’ll be asked to bring something with you. It won’t be a big deal. Details will be provided one week before the workshop.

Spots are limited. Only 10 people will be able to attend and participate. Want to be one of the 10? Register now *. We will see you on December 22nd.

*After you register, we will send you an email for more details, and a brief phone call to understand your business.