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Should Fabindia acquire Jaypore?

Alter egos of each other

Jaypore is an online market place for traditional and artisanal products. Fabindia is no different. Except, it’s off line. They have one thing common.It’s Shilpa Sharma, founder of Jaypore: 
She is one of Forbes India trailblazers.

  • She is ex Fab India. She headed its buying and business development.
  • She started Jaypore with Puneet Chawla in 2012.
  • She also runs a travel company and a restaurant in Goa.

Fabindia is struggling online:

  • Most of its sales come from its 268 stores.
  • In 2016 it was India’s largest apparel retail brand.
  • It’s annual revenue is north of INR 1000 crores.

Jaypore has nailed online:

  • Hit with upper class Indians. Average order is worth INR 4000 and above.
  • It’s annual revenue is between INR 120- 150 crores.
  • It wants to start growing off line.

Match in heaven:

  • Both are in Delhi.
  • Shilpa has built Jaypore and Fabindia. No one else can integrate both.
  • Both aspire to do what other has done.

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