Isha Ambani’s wedding cost INR 700 crores.

What could Delhi-NCR do with the money for Ishan Ambani’s wedding?

It’s not even 1% of Ambani’s wealth.


  • Reports say that Mukesh Ambani spent INR 700 crores for his daughter’s wedding.
  • What if 5 crore population of Delhi-NCR got the money?

What could we do with it?

  1. Most expensive iPhone XS for 50,000 Delhities.
  2. 12 packets of Maggi for 5 crore people; 59 crore packets in total.
  3. Apartment worth INR 1 crore for 700 lucky people in Noida.
  4. 49 inch Samsung LED TV for 1,00,000 house wives.
  5. 1 crore Old Monk bottles or one each for the household in Delhi-NCR.
  6. 70 crore samosas or 14 samosas or bread pakodas for every citizen.
  7. 120 crore cups of tea for everyone for a month.
  8. 5 crore movie tickets for the entire population of Delhi-NCR at INR 150 per ticket.
  9. 25000 Maruti Alto cars for Auto Rickshaw drivers.
  10. 14 lakh plane tickets of Delhi to Bengaluru at INR 5,000/ ticket.

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