Long lasting businesses are not built on borrowed money or time. Image: Skift’s office

Why it is hard to do business?

What am I reading?


  • Rafat Ali is Skiff’s CEO. Skift is a small/ boutique media firm.
  • He believes that good businesses are hard to build.
  • He warns against borrowed money and borrowed time.

He writes why getting glory should be really hard:

  • Starting something in media, building in, being in it, building a career in it, it should be hard.
  • It should be hard to do great video, harder to have anyone watch it. It should be hard to get traffic from platforms, hard to get people to “share” your creation through platforms.
  • It should be harder than just coming up with some bullshit idea to start a millennial media outlet, whatever that means.
  • Few are in it for tons of money, that still remains true, most of us are in it for glory.