Ageless Consumerism

Who are baby boomers for you? Some call them Bolders, others call them Silver Surfers. For Millennials they can be their parents, and for Gen. Z their grandparents. Whether they are the Graying Population or the New American Vanguard, what’s undeniable is that baby boomers — born from 1946 to 1964 — are a generation commonly underestimated by brands. After a lifetime of making and saving money, US baby boomers are now focused on spending it.

As boomers realize how much time they have left in life and the many opportunities that still lie ahead, retirement is delayed and becomes a backup plan. This scenario is an opportunity for brands to realize that an effective way to achieve their business goals doesn’t rely only on Millennials or Gen Z anymore, but also on 50+ men and women who are active workers, travelers & consumers that spend a lot of money.

As they grow older, instead of thinking about the time they have left, boomers appreciate the present moment. This leads to the desire to do more and live a longer, healthier and exciting life. Boomers have worked hard their whole lives and just because they are aging it doesn’t mean they will retire and take things slow.

Quite the opposite; boomers are redefining what it means to age and brands need to catch up quickly if they want to be part of this revolution.

I see boomers as mature consumers that have adapted to technology, are not afraid to get out of their comfort zone and are open to try new products and go through immersive experiences — in-life and in-stores.

This is what led me to do the final research project at my MS at Parsons on how brands can approach baby boomers and why they are an untapped demographic. The Ageless Consumerism report explores why boomers are such an attractive target for brands; what led to this moment, how and where to approach them, as well as what’s important to them online & at the point of sale. Additionally, in order for brands to better understand boomers, I created three different archetypes – profiles of mature consumers – that emerged from a synthesis of observed behaviors and data collected about this demographic.

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