How to Start a New Unity Game Project in 2023

Exploring Unity Hub, Unity Versions, Templates, 2d vs 3d, and URP vs HDRP

Matt Eland
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Let’s talk about all the little decisions you need to make — and the things you need to install — to get started developing games with the Unity game engine.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • Unity Hub
  • Choosing a Unity version
  • Picking a starter template
  • 2D vs 3D
  • Various rendering pipelines: Standard vs URP vs HDRP
  • Picking a starter template

By the time you’re done with this article you should know how to create a new Unity project ready to start building your game.

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Unity Hub

Unity Hub is a free stand-alone desktop application for Windows, Linux, and Mac that lets you create and open game projects, manage the installed versions of Unity, discover learning resources, and access community resources and forums.

Unity Hub showing the Projects View

Start by downloading the correct version of Unity Hub for your operating system and installing the application. Once that’s complete, you’ll need to select and install a version of Unity.

Choosing a Unity Version

You can have multiple Unity editors installed on one machine at any one time.

To install a new version of Unity, click on the Installs tab and then the Install Editor button.

Unity Hub selecting an editor version to install



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