Based on an informal Facebook survey

2021 is the Year of ‘Love’ … and ‘Truth’, and ‘Change’

[Updated Jan 8, 2021] The votes are in and “Love” was the clear winner — sort of.

Alan Lew
4 min readJan 4, 2021


by h.guendra (, cc-by)

I POSTED this question on January 1st, 2021, on a spiritual awakening Facebook group with 29,000 members:

“ask your intuition, guides, angels, akasha … 2021 will be the Year of ___ (what?)”

After a week, I received 184 comments, which I tallied below (not all were relevant).

“Love” was the winner. It was the single word that was the most cited as defining the coming year of 2021.

I combined some words that seemed to point to similar ideas, although it is not always clear from one word what the poster might be thinking. These were the leading combinations:

  • “Clarity/Knowledge/Truth/Understanding/Disclosure/Revelation” as a group received 16 votes, which is more than ‘love’. ‘Knowledge’ and ‘truth’ were the top words in this group, with each receiving 4 votes.



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