2022 Akashic Record Forecast: Divine Relationships & Fortification

It’s going to dig down deep into the very depths of your soul

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This is the Akashic Record reading for 2022 as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

Unlike my monthly messages channeled through the Akashic Records, this reading was conducted similarly to my client sessions where questions are asked and answered, making it much longer. The podcast episode includes commentary on my experiences during the reading and also other messages I was receiving while channeling it. This transcript provides answers to these questions:

  • What message do you have for us about 2022?
  • What is our theme for the year?
  • What can we look forward to in 2022?
  • What do we need to be cautious about in 2022?
  • How can we make the most of 2022?
  • Do we need to know anything else about 2022?

Channeling through this forecast was a beautiful experience that left me in tears of joy as the Guides provided insightful, practical, and empowering messages for the year ahead. I would love to know how this reading resonates with you and hope it aids you in preparing for the year ahead. 2022 won’t be easy, but I believe it will be extraordinary for those who choose to participate in the lessons being offered.

What message do you have for us about 2022?

This year is going to be one that’s quite fruitful. It’s going to bring about many changes. It’s going to dig down deep into the very depths of your soul. It’s going to call forward what it is that you all have been looking for — for so long. It’s going to call out, yell, and scream about all the ways in which you must pay attention to what it is that’s going on around you and within you.

The world Herself will be shaking, reverberating. She will bring forward heavy, discernible changes that will cause great chaos and destruction among you. Please understand that She does so because She must rebalance the tides that have gotten so unbalanced between mankind and how it is this planet is treated.

Yet even in the midst of this upheaval, this year will be fruitful in many ways. Mainly because it will bring you closer to yourself than you’ve ever been. You will be asked many questions about how you want your lives to go. What it is you want to have inside of them? How you would like to run from day to day? What work you want to do? Which people you want to surround yourself with?

Yes, oh yes, it’s going to be a year of relationships between yourselves and within yourselves. It’s going to help you build upon what you’ve been learning the past two years. Which is that the old ways of doing things aren’t acceptable anymore. No, they won’t work. And while this will cause a great gnashing of teeth, it will bring forth frustration, anger, anxiety, depression and all sorts of lower level vibrations. It is simply because these things must be broken off.

For a New Earth is being birthed. And in that, the old ways cannot carry forward. Truly, this is a new time, a new time for the way Earth is managed. A new way in which we look upon relationships, viewing those in our life. Do they add to it or take away? These things will become blatantly clear in the year forthcoming. But know that even in these delineations, you will begin to encounter a kind of compassion that you’ve never felt before for the person who doesn’t belong in your life. For the group that you don’t align yourself with. For the other that you consider to be other.

For this compassion is making its way through all the rivers and valleys, all of the hearts and minds, all the ways in which you experience yourself and the world around you. It is growing at a steady beat. It is rising. It won’t be taking place overnight. And truly, it will only begin its great descent into humanity in 2022. But this is where it begins. It’s where the tides start to transform.

For in the past few years, you’ve been learning to care about others in ways you weren’t even open to before. Think back to 2019, where your life was at during this time. Did you care what was happening on the global landscape? Did it bother you when other nations experienced famine, disease, authoritative governments? Or did you simply take notice of what was going on and dive deep back into the world in which you were living?

That world was carved off from everyone else. It seemed safe inside its little bubble. But what good was it doing for the rest of humanity? We did not come here to live inside of a bubble. No. Those of you who have incarnated upon the earth at this time are here to take part in something greater. Something that will shift this planet into a new millennium. This new paradigm. You couldn’t do this work inside a bubble. You must do it with your chest ripped open, heart laid bare before the world.

For that is why all that is happening, is happening. To wake you up. To reintroduce you to your consciousness. To make you see that you have an impact on this world and that the impact you have is wholly up to you. Sure, you can stay inside a bubble if you so choose. But it’s going to get harder and harder to do so. Before you know it, you will be birthed before the world, unable to close your eyes, unable to look away, unable to believe that your place doesn’t matter.

In 2022, it’s about rejoining those around you, but from a whole and centered place. Know that all of you will find yourselves at different places on this journey. Some have come farther in these times than others, but that’s simply because you’ve chosen to. Wherever you are at, know that it’s exactly where you are meant to be at this time.

Do not compare yourselves. Do not think less of yourself for being where you are. Do not lose hope or faith. Simply know that this year — you will come face to face with humanity as a whole.

What is our theme for this year?

The theme for this year is relationships. That which you have with yourself and those around you. Your relationship to this planet. Your relationship to the spiritual world or the world which you cannot see. The world that exists around you at every moment. It isn’t necessarily within your grasp. There is so much that’s happening around the planet Earth, so much that will be coming forward at a future date that will amaze and surprise you. For you are simply some of the beings that are to be found on this network of so many.

But if you are wise, it is the relationships that you have that will introduce you to the authentic self that you are. It will show you what you’ve been hiding. They will show you where you’ve been accepting less. They will show you what it is you must do while you’re on this planet. For all of you play a role and your relationship to each other is vital and important.

Relationships, relationships. You won’t be able to hide from them this year. No, they’ll come driving forward with such intensity. They’ll slap you across the face. They’ll wake you up faster than anything you’ve ever known before. Because you will be experiencing them, from every angle — through loss and grief. Through matrimony and celebration. Through Thanksgiving and love. Through all the ways in which you could experience relationships. That is what this year will be about. That is what it will be focused upon. (20:40)

What can we look forward to in 2022?

What is this looking forward to? Are we now talking about the benefits? The good things? Why, haven’t we already been talking about them?

There is going to be much joy and jubilation to experience in 2022 simply because you will be stepping into a more authentic version of yourself. Therefore, you will begin experiencing your life on this planet in new ways. You will find yourself doing things that surprise you, taking risks and areas where you may not have before. Feeling things that you hadn’t felt before. Seeing colors, hearing whispers and tones. Your very essence is coming alive. It is, as they say, Coming On Board. It has been turned on, activated.

And in that, so much will be brought forward for you to experience in new ways. For truly you will have great cause for celebration in 2022.

Will it be this way for everyone? No, of course not. But for those whose feet are firmly planted on the ground. For those who have spent time and dedication, dedicating themselves to themselves will have the greatest to give to humanity and will experience the highest of highs.

If this hasn’t been you for any reason, now is the time to do so. Learn to sit with yourself in silence. To find peace within the very essence of yourself. To touch in, tune in and be with the great wisdom that resides within you. Where this wisdom will lead you and guide you, it will help you to come into great alignment with your place on this planet. And therefore, begin introducing you to the destiny that is yours — to the ways in which you can affect humanity, those around you. The ways in which you can give back. For truly, there is nothing that makes the heart feel as alive as giving does, as serving does.

We also say to you that this is a year to bring pleasure to the forefront. Define ways to fill your life lives with laughter. To bring cheer into your everyday. To stop taking life so seriously. Yes, learn what it is that brings you pleasure. Become deeply intimate with these things and use them appropriately when life feels too heavy or when you feel burdened.

For while there will be much reason for elation this year, much coming together, much doing and bringing, creating arts, music and dancing. Yes, art is going to find its way back into your lives in innumerable ways. Take in the color, sights and sounds with every essence, with every sense.

What do we need to be cautious about in 2022?

Ah, yes. Now we’re getting down to the root of it. For here is where so much can get sticky, uneven. Where you can get caught up and lost. Where you can lose your way.

Distractions, distractions, distractions.

I’m seeing the word DISTRACTIONS in all capital letters, big and bold. There is going to be so much room for distractions in your life. To take you off course. To get you confused, frustrated, angered. To fill you with regret. To develop fears in you that you can’t contain.

You must understand that the world around you is breaking down. That the systems and structures that you thought served you, never did. They tried, they tried to put something together for humanity, but the problem was that humanity was all out of whack. So therefore, the systems and structures that they created never served you, but only served a few. Only served those who held the power. Who were able to maintain and exist outside of those systems and structures. And simply speaking, that is what you must learn to do in 2022.

Yes, pay attention to what is happening around you and the world. But only in so much that you can maintain a safe distance from your heart’s ability to withstand at all. Understand that regardless of who you are, you are a sensitive being who gets caught up in seeing/knowing what’s going on around you. But remember, this is only part of this story. The lens with which you see the world, this narrow view, the black and white vision that you’ve been given for so long is beginning to crack.

And believe us when we say, there are many who won’t want it to. They don’t want you to see all the colors that exist in the world. They don’t want you to know all the ways in which life really works around you. They would prefer to keep you cattled with blinders on so that you can only see things in black and white. The divisive polarity that has been rising so steadily through the hands of many that have been in charge, that are in charge.

Please understand that they know not what they do. They are simply operating within the capacity, the level of consciousness of which they are currently at. Therefore, it is useless, pointless, fruitless to point fingers, to place blame. Which is why it is so important for you to come back inside. For you to place shutters, strict boundaries around what it is that you take in, around the ways in which you engage with the world.

For truly, as you move forward in time, technology is going to bring forth ways in which it’s going to be harder and harder for you to opt out. Learn to use this technology for your benefit but become discerning and refuse to use it in ways that are harmful to you.

So much can seep deep inside you without your ever knowing it. You might think that you can stand apart from the fray. But if you are reading about it, if you are constantly replaying it before your eyes, it is finding a home inside yourself and will become harder and harder to purge.

Conduct yourself from a place of empowerment this year, or it will be far too easy to get swept up. This isn’t going to be an easy year in many ways. Mother Nature is going to be raining down her wrath for all the ways in which She has been abused. She, too, will be taking back Her power. And in that there will be great devastation. In that there will be many lives lost. You will find yourselves in the midst of famines, droughts, financial systems will break, countries will split, tornadoes will destroy, the earth beneath your feet will shake and rumble. Governments will be toppled. Much will fall to the ground.

And much of humanity will be looking for a place to blame. They will run at each other, fingernails out, looking to place their hands around the throats of others. Death will also be a strong theme in 2022.

What we can say about all this is that it must be done. It must take place.

Do not allow yourself to become lost in victimhood. For you must understand that those who choose to leave this planet — truly chose to do so. It was not done to them. It was their choice. Whether through the actions of another, through the changes of the planet or through the viruses that will rise. Everyone leaves by their own accord.

Again, we say — Distractions. Caution yourself against losing your mind in them. Do not allow yourself to get lost in the news or what is happening in the exterior world. You are needed at this time. You have gifts. You have skills. You have abilities. And you will not be able to use them accordingly if you allow yourself to get swept up in all that comes forward.

Build a strong foundation. Build a platform on which to stand. Know what practices, people, places, things fortify you and shore them up. For when times are tough, you can lean on them. You will get through this year. You will be victorious if you focus on these things.

How can we make the most of 2022?

Well, we have to say that this Channel’s use of the word fortify is truly your best strategy for the way forward. Fortify yourselves in love. Fortify yourselves in peace. Fortify yourself through taking great care of yourself. Through getting the rest and nourishment. The exercise and movement that your body needs. Listen to the ways in which it wants to speak with you. The ways in which it wants to guide you. All the ways in which it wants to impart great wisdom into to your very being. Your spiritual self. Your energetic body.

Fortify yourself to become the greatest version of yourself. Truly come back inside so that when you step out on the forefront, in the world around you–you will be such an embodied version of yourself. That simply by your being there, you will change the world around you. You will affect at the highest levels. You will give to the deepest needs. You will open up your heart to all of humanity. You will no longer see right and wrong. You will simply see what is before you. And therefore you will be able to find solutions without even trying.

To make the most of 2022, make the most of yourself. Make the most of the relationships around you. Make the most of the ways in which you interact with the world. How it is you treat the cashier at the grocery market. How it is you treat one another on the road. Or when you come into contact with another person.

Remember that each of you is on your own path. Each of you is walking something a little bit different. But all of your paths converge, combine. And in that person you want to hate or dismiss lies pieces of yourself that you haven’t yet dealt with. Know that each and every person who comes across your path is a teacher. Thank them for their effort and be on your way.

Protect yourself from the world around you by coming to know yourself. Knowing the corners of who you are–accepting the deep, dark, heavy places. The ones you’d prefer to hide or look away from. The perversions, the greed, the hate, judgment. Yes, you will see these parts of yourself come to the surface this year, but do not fret or be frightened. For they are simply showing you that you are no better than anyone else.

That even in the midst of your spiritual awakening, you are innately flawed in your humanness. Yet it does not take away from the great value you hold upon this planet. Nor does it take away from the goodness that you are. These errors and mishaps are simply places for us to grow and are truly deep treasures that can bring us more joy than we’ve ever known. This year, learn to accept all parts of yourself and watch the ways that impact the world around you.

Do we need to know anything else about 2022?

No, we feel that we’ve mostly covered it. The most important parts of it. There will obviously be many lessons along the way. Different things that you will encounter. Different things that will spring up.

But we’ve covered what it is that is most important for you to know at this time.

But we now wish to share, as so much of what this Channel was feeling. It is our greatest love, compassion, understanding and deep appreciation for your choice to be on the planet at this time. We know that these times can be so heavy and difficult. That it’s so easy for you to feel weighed down. To get lost and carried away. To feel the weight, the enormous weight of the world upon your shoulders. To wonder if it will ever end. To find yourselves scrimping along, clawing the bottoms of the containers in which you find yourself. These prisons that you think have been built around you.

It’s not easy what you have chosen to do. It’s not easy to be alive at this time. But know that you have made the most courageous of decisions to do so.

And in that, you can reap the highest of rewards. If you choose to experience this time from a place of empowerment–know that your guides, ancestors, loved ones circle around you at all times. Building you up. Guiding you along your way. That you only need to call out to find yourself filled with love, strengthened for your journey.

You are not alone. Find those you can lean on. Gather in great community now with like-minded souls who can help pick you up when you are down. Who can help raise the vibration of this planet and therefore bring these things to fruition with greater ease. The power is within your hands. Your ability to move forward. It’s just that. It is your ability.

At every mark along the way, make choices that will benefit you. Set aside those that do not. Pray for those who cannot join you in your journey or who prefer to stay lost and confused blinded by the darkness that they see. Do not allow their low vibrations to attach themselves to you.

For you must fortify yourself for what is ahead. Know that you have everything you need to do this already.

We thank you for this time together. We thank you for listening to this Channel. We thank you for your continued growth and intention to better your being. We thank you.

To learn more about my Akashic Record Soul readings or book a session with me, click HERE. Or learn how to read the Akashic Records with me in a 2.5-hour workshop on January 17th.




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