APRIL Akashic Record Forecast: Wash Over You

Simply because you get caught up in the emotion of it all

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This is the Akashic Record reading for the month of April as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“Waves come crashing down at your feet.

Yes, the beautiful water washes up against you. Covers your skin around your ankles. You feel its freshness. It enlivens and awakens you. It makes you feel something deep on the inside.

What is this inside? What is it that is calling to the surface and wants to come forward?

There are so many emotions these days, so many different ways to feel. But they are all valid. And space must be made for all of them, for there is nothing to push aside. No, nothing! Try not to label them as good or bad but give them space to come forward into your life so that you may evaluate where it is that they are coming from.

We know that so much has been going on inside of you. For there is so much happening on the world landscape — people are dying, serious things are happening. Yet haven’t they always been? Hasn’t your world always been one that saddled both the pain and happiness at different intervals?

We know that it seems more extreme in these times, and yes, it is in so many ways. But do not forget you have been beckoned forward. You made a choice to appear in these times, to incarnate upon this planet. Because you are here to not only witness this great upheaval, but also to give back to its great destiny. To bring forward your gifts and talents. For the use of yourself and those around you.

The beautiful streams and brooks — all of that clear water — let it wash over you. Let it sweep away the resentment. The heartache. The difficulties.

Allow it to once again help you move forward. Wake you up in these times.

But of course, as we’ve said before, you need a strong foundation beneath your feet. If you are to step into the trueness of who you are and of all that you are capable of. It’s okay to step out awkwardly. It’s okay to not be firmly cemented. But know that you will be able to withstand the heavy winds, if you do so first. If you take care of yourself instead of trying to go out and take care of all the things that are happening in the world.

Do your part, yes. Stay informed, yes. But guard your energy fiercely.

Know that you do not need to give what is not in alignment for you. And all of you have your own gifts. You are walking different paths; you are called to different things. Try not to traipse upon the paths of others.

Simply because you get caught up in the emotion of it all.

We know that that is easier said than done. But we believe in your ability to do this. And you have teams around you. Guiding you. Protecting you. Who are ready to enable you, to walk hand-in-hand with you through this fiery time of life.

Some will make it, some will not. But all of you are serving a Divine purpose. All of you are here for a reason. That reason is unique to you. And you must touch in, in order to communicate with it.

This month is going to bring more heaviness. But it’s also going to bring more light. For more of you are coming together. More of you are learning how to stand tall. More of you are learning how to quiet the noise that resides around you–to find peace within. So that you might be of use to others when you are called to do so.

The light is breaking, filtering out into so many different places around the world. Voices are rising. Strength is strengthening. And even in the midst of this light, darkness wishes to take hold.

But know that in the end, it will not. And know that it is simply in the midst of this fight, in the midst of its scarcity, in the midst of its fear–that is why it is rising up so intensely. So much must fall so that more can be brought forward. So that newness can take root. So that seeds can be planted. Green freshness, vines making their way out onto the ground around them.

Find your solace out in nature whenever you can. Make eye contact with the wildlife around you. See how it is that they continue going about their world no matter what it is that’s going on around them. Follow that example. Follow that beautiful simplicity.

Try not to make things more than they are. Try to stay in the present as much as you can. Wrap the arms of those you love around you. Find time for joy and dance. Use your hands to create.

For a while there are so many heavy energies upon the earth, so, too is creativity rising. Rising through the body to be expressed in so many ways. Through your sexuality. Through your voice and rhythm. Through the movements of your body. Through the extensions of your hands.

There is so much coming forward. There is so much beauty that abounds.

Sink yourself into these things. Ruminate in the gratitude of being alive. For truly, it is such a gift.

Such a gift.

We are with you. We are always with you. Angels abound on the planet at this time. Surrounding you. Filling you with strength, courage, clarity, love.

Call upon the spiritual realm. Do not think that you need to do this alone.

We are here.

We will always be here.

And you can always call upon us.”

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