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Am I a Starseed? This is What the Akashic Records Told Me

[Updated May 29, 2022] Starseeds, like astrology signs, are ways to understand our extraterrestrial & multidimensional self.

Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness
6 min readDec 30, 2020


Source: NASA Hubble

I asked the Akashic Records: Where am I from?

This was the answer:

You are from Sirius,

But in reality,
You are from the universe.

Saying that you are from Sirius,
Or any other planet,
Is more like an astrology personality.

It identifies you with concepts
Constructed by humans
To meet certain needs.

It is real to the extent that
Human collective consciousness
Believes it is real.

If it serves your needs,
Then “yes”,
You are from Sirius.

But in truth,
You are from the universe,
You are the universe.



Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness

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