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The Ideal

In the natural course of everyone’s life, many changes occur, physically and spiritually. Every aspect of life is subject to change: no one thing can escape change.

It can be difficult for those who believe they have attained their ideal state of being to be faced with changes not sought or desired. Some may have struggled for years to achieve this state: and assumed that once achieved, it would last indefinitely.

It is, in some way, sad that anyone could assume only one state of being could be ideal. As if only one set of circumstances, only one, could allow them to flourish and be content.

What is not being recognized here is that your “ideal state” is not ever about your physical surroundings. It is not about the country in which you live, nor is it about your financial situation.

An ideal state is a state of mind and spirit that travels with you wherever you may go. It is comprised of trust, faith, and peace. And if you allow yourself to be in and of this state always, you just may find that the ideal is ever-present and perpetual. No matter your circumstances or surroundings.

Change, as we have said, is inevitable: and its advent can bring disruption and tension. But to mourn the loss of stations obtained is unnecessary. To fear or fight change is to waste energy, for the ideal state you cling to is fallacy. The ideal state that clings to you, however, is truth.

You know that for growth to occur, change must also occur. You know that anything that can no longer grow, ends: this is the way of life. So, why would change be seen as an ending only when truly it is growth: growth that means continued life?

This life you lead, this story you tell, has a life of its own, and it grows and changes also. Life’s life yearns for growth in all directions, never just the one. Allow life to grow and stretch, beloved children, and in so doing, truly live the ideal.


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This is a time for all beings to stretch their minds beyond what they think they already know. Past learning is not wrong nor useless, but it is merely a stepping stone in the river of knowledge now available to those who seek it.

The Veils of Protection, once guarding the mysteries thought too vast to comprehend, are beginning to disintegrate. A disintegration brought on by the collective will of humankind.

Many have learnt, mostly through hardship, to raise their consciousness above their mortal and mundane existence. Truly like the lotus bud formed in mud and murk but raising itself from the darkness of its origin to bloom in the light.

Seeds of thought were planted into the minds of those able to carry them long ago. They have been nurtured and held safe for many years, but now is the time for their sprouting.

The missing links needed for long-held but incomplete theories will seem to suddenly manifest. Most involved will believe that, through persistence, their own minds have finally released the information — this is only true in part. Though much knowledge is available to any who should seek it, all major knowledge is a contained but shared keeping — this is protection.

No growth can be instantaneous: no one can be born to the world in one instance to become fully grown in the next. Time must be given to evolve. And so it is with knowledge; that it must slowly evolve. But, as with human growth, spurts are expected, and this is one such growth spurt for knowledge.

Fear may be an issue for some, but the changes wrought from this new/old knowledge are beneficial only. Humanity, as a whole, has learned from past misuse of immense knowledge. Still, there will be mistrust from some quarters, and rightly so. All who hold great knowledge often believe themselves to also hold great power: but power must be given by approval of the majority, not assumed by the few. This lesson: has been learned by humanity in general — even if parts of the world seem ignorant of it.

The releasing of knowledge is not only for the highly learned nor only for the collective consciousness. Every individual will be bestowed with new/old knowledge to benefit their own endeavors. For you are all learned and worthy.

You grow, beloved children. You grow more strongly and quickly than you believe.

It is because of this growth, and its accompanying maturity, that the teachers of the universe believe you ready for greater enterprise. They will gently stir the murky waters of your mundane life to promote the opening of the seeds planted in your minds: and with joy, they will provide the Light in which you will bloom. We ask that you allow this, reach for this, and rise.



…trust that the universe lovingly tends your own private cauldron of creation. Know you already have more good things than many will ever experience and be peace ’til Atlantis rises again.



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