A Channeled Message from My Energy Group

Bring the Spiritual Magic of Scenic Places Into Your World

When you experience the wonder of a place, you experience yourself and become that place.

Alan Lew
5 min readApr 9, 2022


Grasshopper Point, near Sedona, Arizona, by Alan Lew, author, cc-by

It’s Spring. The weather is warming up. To get even more warmth, we went for a hike and picnic in Sedona (Arizona) on Wednesday. It was beautiful, as usual.

But the warm Sun took its toll. It wiped me out by the time I got home. That is what my Energy Group guides are referring to at the start of the message I received in the evening.

EG: Hello, Alan. Your outing today — that was a good meditation.

You received the Sun. The Sun entered every poor of your body, every layer of your astral body, your physical body, your mental body — you became the Sun.

And at an astral level, this is the power that certain places have — especially places that have natural scenic qualities.

Scenery — the scenic element — is magical. It is what draws you and others to it. You are drawn to the scenery because of the magic it holds. This is not a coincidence. This is the way reality works.

You are drawn to special places of power — special places where you are connected to Earth. Those are Earth’s scenic places.

This is true for everyone. Everyone, no matter whether they are on a spiritual path, they are drawn to certain places of wonder.

Because everything is one, when they are experiencing the wonder of a place, they are experiencing themselves. They are experiencing a part of themselves, an aspect of themselves that they don’t often see because they are focused on the places where they live and the places where they work.

The place where you live and the place where you work are more core, you could say, to who you are in this incarnation. But everything else that you are experiencing of this incarnation is also part of you.

Those things further removed from your core are less noticeable. They may seem almost like a backdrop, but they are part of you. They are still you.



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