An Energy Group Channeled Message

Creativity Is the Universe in Action

While love is a stable & unifying force in the universe, creativity is a force of action.

Alan Lew
6 min readMay 30, 2021


by janet farthing (, cc-by)

A message from my Energy Group/Higher Self on May 27, 2021

SOURCE / GOD created the universe. That was the ultimate creativity using the power of everything, which is the power of complete, absolute silence, the void.

From that came the power to be everything. To be not only everything but everything beyond everything in existence.

The ultimate creativity came from the ultimate silence, the ultimate emptiness, the ultimate void. From that, creativity emerged.

The Energy of Love

CREATIVITY is the energy of love. The energy of love is the energy that is behind everything in manifest existence. It is the fundamental energy that drives creation. And it is the energy of creativity.

Even in your more surface 3rd Dimensional experience, the people who exhibit the most creativity are those who are totally absorbed and totally in the flow of what they are doing.

There are those who are absolutely committed to the process that they are involved in. They give themselves over completely to that process. And that is how they exhibit their creativity. This is what Source did when Source created the universe.

Of course, there was nothing else for Source to do, other than to be Source. And so, in that first inkling to do something different, the universe was created.

Everything in the universe is a fractal of that initial beginning. So everything in the universe reflects that power of creativity.

by Maiara Bolsson (, cc-by)

Creativity as the Goal of Life

EVERYTHING in the universe wants to experience and to know and to show that creativity. Because that is a fundamental way that the manifest universe knows it is God.



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