DECEMBER Akashic Record Lesson: Pulse of Life

For the world needs you at this time.

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This is the Akashic Record reading for the month of December as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“We see so much happening that at times even we are at a loss for words. There is so much hate and strife and breaking apart. But even in the midst of these tumultuous times, we see radiant light. It is beaming down on all of you. It is that gentle, nurturing voice that beckons you further still and inside of yourself. Dreaming up dreams you held as a small child. Replaying memories. Voices and etchings of landscapes in those wild places that called your name.

What was it in the distance that beckons you forward now? What is it that can bring you to your knees? What is it that will fill you whole — to the very tip-top — that will overflow into your life and create a cascade of wondrous happenings?

We see so much in the palm of your hand — that one you’ve got rolled up tightly — wishing to guard yourself, wishing to play your part. And the undoing of everything that is happening around you. Yet it is this palm that once opened wide can welcome in the greatest relief. It can call forward to itself the greatest of achievements. It can welcome unto itself those surrounding it. It can bring to life all that has been flattened, anything that has been hard to unearth deep within yourself.

Lay this palm now across your heart. Feel the steady rhythmic tone underneath. Feel the way it moves and gathers. Building up speed. Slowing down. It is this beautiful balance of life which hangs in the stillness of all you do not say or seek or share, but find yourself blundering through. It is this pulse of life that wanders through your everyday life looking for a reason to beat a little harder.

Let not what is in front of you scare you or harm you, make you retreat deep inside of your world. For the world needs you at this time. There is much breaking apart that is to come. And yet in these moments, it is the beat that you must return to. The balanced breath, the way in which you shoulder all that has come thundering forward and yet wishes to lie at your feet.

It is here we wish to say, do not allow yourself to get caught up. But find steady rest in bathing yourself in the light of the moon and the light of anything that you can find that warms your heart. What are those things that draw you home? What is it that beats outside your door?

Life is coming to a bit of a head as the year winds down, but rest assured all is exactly where it’s meant to be. This is a leap into a new era. This is a taking off. This is a letting go. For next year will hold so much opportunity for you to unravel even further. To step more solidly into the place of your being that is becoming.

We welcome this change inside of you. We welcome all that may come. Find solace among one another. Share love and hope around bonfires in tender moments. When things might feel heavy, find the light, laugh, and bring cheer.

For truly, this is only the beginning.”

To learn more about my Akashic Record Soul readings or book a session with me, click HERE. Or learn how to read the Akashic Records with me in a 2-hour workshop on December 13th.

Earth’s ascension to a spiritual 5th Dimension is accelerating, bringing new opportunities to create a better world for all. ‘New Earth Consciousness’ supports this transformation by publishing heart centered writings on Ascension/Awakening, Channelings, and Other Insights.

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