Embracing the I AM: Your Gateway to Profound Transformation

How connecting with your authentic Self can change everything


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You have a hidden power within you waiting to be unleashed. This power can transform your life in ways you never thought possible. But how do you access it?

“Self-remembrance and awareness of “I AM’ ripens a person powerfully and speedily.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The answer lies in connecting with your I AM — your authentic Self that exists beyond the limitations of your ego and conditioning. Once you make this connection, everything changes.

But what exactly is this power, and why is it so transformative? To understand this, we must first explore the nature of the I AM, your Self with a capital’ S.’

What is the I AM?

The I AM is the very essence of who you are. The powerful divine spark resides within you, beyond your physical body and the beliefs that shape your identity. I AM refers to your highest, most authentic expression of being — the divine spark within you that is connected to the source of all creation. Recognizing and embodying this aspect of your essential nature is associated with profound self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment.

When you connect with your I AM, you tap into a source of profound wisdom and spiritual truth. You begin to see yourself and the world around you through a new lens — one of limitless potential and possibility.

The Power of Living from Self

What does it mean to live from the Self? And how can you make this shift in perception?

The answer may surprise you. It’s not about adding anything new or changing who you are. It’s about stripping away the layers of conditioning and belief that have obscured your true nature. It’s about remembering who and what you are as a Divine fractal of the Creator.

Living from the Self means aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with the essence of your being. It means letting go of the self-limiting beliefs and patterns that have held you back and embracing the unlimited being that you are.

Living from the I AM makes you a co-creator of your reality. You, the personality self, and you, the higher Self, work hand-in-hand to create an intentional life. The I AM contains the power of creation. But, it is unstructured, meaning it is formless energy. The personality self, your mental, emotional, and physical bodies, bring that creative power into manifestation. When you, the personality self, embody the I AM, the creative energy of the I AM comes into form and manifests in your life.

Embodying I AM

The key is for the personality self to embody you, the I AM. The word embody comes from a combination of the French word’ em,’ meaning ‘in,’ and the English word’ body.’ Its original meaning was for a Spirit or Soul to enter into an animate form, literally to ‘put into body.’

But this can be challenging. The personality self is given free will. The ego uses this will to resist the I AM fully entering the body, creating a wall of separation between the personality self and the Divine Self. The ‘I AM’ will not override the will of the personality self. The I AM lovingly waits with eternal patience for the personality self to come to know that it is part of something much bigger, the I AM. And for the personality self to surrender to merging with the I AM.

How to Merge with I AM

So, how do you start living with pragmatic spirituality — integrating these principles into your daily life while finding a balance between earthly and higher pursuits?

The key is to make connecting with your I AM a daily practice. This means setting aside time daily to quiet your mind, tune into your inner wisdom, and align your thoughts and actions with your highest truth.

It means surrounding yourself with people and experiences that support your growth and empowerment and letting go of those that drain your energy or hold you back.

And it means embracing the journey of self-discovery with curiosity, compassion, and a willingness to learn and grow.

But what happens when you face challenges or obstacles along the way? How do you stay connected to your I AM in the face of fear, doubt, or adversity?

The answer lies in developing a deep trust in yourself and the universe. It means knowing that even in the darkest moments, you have the power to choose your response and create your reality.

It means remembering that you are never alone on this journey. The loving I AM supports you and wants to see you thrive and fulfill your highest potential.

Three Steps for Connecting with Your I AM

How can you start connecting with your I AM today? Here are some practical steps you can take:

1. Set aside time each day for quiet reflection and meditation. This can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths and tuning into your inner stillness. Sense the presence of the life force within you. Intend to move deep into Self, the still, silent place within you that is alive with energy.

2. Practice self-presence and self-inquiry. Notice your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns without judgment, and ask yourself if they align with your highest truth. Throughout the day, stop and ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ Wait and sense the answer. Then, ask yourself, ‘What am I?’ How is the answer different for each question? If you don’t get an answer, what is the difference in sensation between these questions? Sense the energy.

3. As you go about your day, or when you are deep in meditation, tune into the feeling-sense of ‘I AM.’ The Indian sage Nisargadatta Maharaj became Self-Realized in three years simply by focusing on the sense of I AM.

“Go deep into the sense of ‘I am,’ and you will find. How do you find a thing you have mislaid or forgotten? You keep it in your mind until you recall it. The sense of being, of ‘I am’ is the first to emerge…Refuse all thoughts except one: the thought ‘I am.’” Nisargadatta Maharaj

Make the Choice

Connecting with your I AM is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It can transform every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your career to your sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Remember that the power to transform your life lies within you, waiting to be unleashed.

But it’s not a one-time event. It’s a lifelong practice — an ongoing process of growth and discovery that requires commitment and dedication.

Ask yourself if you will embrace your divine nature and unleash the true power within. If the answer is yes, choose to do so. The I AM will respond to your choice. When you extend your hand, the I AM extends in turn. Trust in the wisdom of your Self, and watch as your life unfolds in miraculous ways.

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That step is the choice to connect with your I AM, embrace your authentic Self, and live from a place of power, purpose, and possibility.

So take that step today. Trust in the journey, and know that you are supported every step of the way. The power to transform your life lies within you. All you have to do is claim it.

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