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Spiritual Explainer: Know Your Chakra Energy Centers

[Updated December 22, 2021] An overview of the Chakras for meditation and energy balancing.

Alan Lew
19 min readOct 22, 2020


by sciencefreak

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A chakra (“wheel” in Sanskrit) is a major concentration in the physical body of both physical and non-physical (spiritual or psychic) energy (prana or kundalini). Some people prefer to call them “Energy Centers”.

This article gives a meditator a general idea of the characteristics associated with each chakra upon which they can focus their intentions during a meditation (two examples are at the bottom of this article) or in an energy healing practice.

The term chakra originated in the trantric traditions of Hinduism (along with hatha yoga practices) and Tibetan Buddhism, possibly as early as 600 or 700 C.E. The oldest Sanskrit Hindu text describing the chakras was published in 1577 (translated into English in 1918).

In Hinduism, life force energy (prana) is what enlivens our bodies. It leaves our body when we die. Prana energy flows through “nadis”, which are energy points and lines…



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