Exploring Abortion Through the Akashic Records

You are the authority in your life, no one but YOU

Ahna Hendrix
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This week, we’re diving into a profoundly misunderstood topic — ABORTION.

The debates around abortion are multifaceted and explosive. But it’s time for us to come into a deeper understanding of abortion through the eyes of the Akashic Records, which provide invaluable wisdom about the intricacies of such a delicate subject.

Even more so, it’s time for us to realize that charged topics such as abortion are masquerading as distractions to much more important topics that we aren’t even discussing!

This Akashic message was channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. If you’d like to tune in, I’ll be sharing my views and personal experience with abortion (which I’ve never shared before), before opening up the Akashic Records to share their perspective.

Today, the Akashic Records will answer these questions:

1. What do we most need to know about abortion?

2. When do souls enter a human body?

3. Are babies conscious from conception?

4. If a woman chooses to have an abortion, is she killing a child?

I felt it was important to ask direct questions about abortion to clarify any doubts about their viewpoint.

I would love to hear how this message resonates with you and pray that it serves to open your heart and expand your mind in a new way! AND btw, I won’t be responding to any rude or disrespectful comments. Thanks.

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There is a lot of debate about whether or not abortions are ethical. To begin diving into this topic, what do we most need to know about abortions?

We know this is a multifaceted topic. Yes, yes, there are many opinions about whether or not this is acceptable, correct, or even allowed. In fact, these liberties are disappearing in the Western world more and more by the day. It is good of you to bring this topic to us, as it is certainly one that we have been wanting to speak into for some time. For it is a very important topic, and one that needs to be seen from the very root level.

First of all, it’s important to know that there is nothing that is right or wrong in the eyes of the Universe. For this is not how the Universe looks at anything. There simply is what does, what occurs, actions, decisions that are made on the everyday.

Therefore, please understand that regardless of what takes place on planet Earth, we do not see it, nor is it seen through the lens of right or wrong. It is humans that place morals and ethics on decisions and happenings, and we understand why this is so.

For your planet is a polarizing one in which you see things through two different lens, right or wrong. Black or white. Yes or no. We could share so many more examples of this, but of course, you get the point.

In that, when it comes to these heated topics, what’s most important to understand is what is actually happening in this situation, and why it is that it is such an important topic versus whether or not it is right or wrong.

So let us go ahead and just take that off the table for we will not tell you what to do with your life or how to conduct yourself in your everyday. That is your own decision and it is entirely up to you to decide what is right or wrong for you.

Which brings us to our next point. The role of any individual is to live a life that is their own, that is meant for them.

For each individual comes into their lifetime to experience particular things, to succeed, to fail, to know what it is to love, to hate, to hate, to feel all of the many emotions that are part of the human experience, and all of the many opportunities in which to do so through.

For the lens is great and varied.

Each soul is here to experience different things. Each soul wants to know what it is to live in different ways.

Therefore, for some individuals, they will choose to experience an abortion, while others will not. This is simply an experience, and we want you to see it through this lens for that is what every experience is.

It is simply that, an experience. There is no right or wrong here. There are certainly no lives that are shed, which of course we will get into in a moment. But first of all, please understand that this is simply an experience and it is one that the soul may choose at any point in time.

Third, in the midst of making a decision and experiencing an experience, it is important to understand that it is the soul who must understand any potential repercussions or waves of emotions that may pertain to any particular experience.

When it comes to an abortion, for some women, it is a great relief. For others, it is the largest heartbreak of their life.

Many will know this depending upon who you have spoken to in your life. We know that there is a great deal of judgment that is placed on these individuals. But especially for those who feel deep pain, please understand that it is a very huge decision for them.

Therefore, they do not need your added judgment laid upon them.

Those who feel great relief are often those who have been put into compromising situations. Perhaps the pregnancy, the decision of a pregnancy was not their own. Perhaps they look at their age and choose not to walk down that path. Perhaps it is a pregnancy of which they are experiencing great judgment from others in their life.

There are so many decisions that go into making this particular decision, it is best to not then lay your ideas about whether or not something is right or wrong upon these individuals for they must carry the responsibility of the decision throughout their entire life and that is their own.

The fourth thing that we would like to speak into here is simply to say that when it comes to this decision there are so many different factors involved, but it is important to know that any potential soul that might be living inside of their body has not yet come into fruition, nor full creation.

Therefore, this decision to end a pregnancy is not one that is also ending a life for this life has not yet been incarnated. It has not yet come through the womb.

But let us say that even if it had, once again, they are not making the decision to end a life. For the soul whose life may be seen to be lost in any process relating to child birth is actually the decision of their own, meaning that there are two souls who are involved here, not just one.

Every soul has full sovereignty over whether or not they are born and incarnated into any particular lifetime and with any parent. This is a much deeper topic here, but we wish to share it with you.

Lastly, when it comes to the topic of abortion, we know that many people focus on the individual who is carrying this potential child, yet they do not take into account the life of the child and what that life may be for them if they are indeed born through that individual.

Will they have the love and support, the care, the financial means that every child should be supported? Why no, far too often in societies these days children are not given what it is that they require, especially through these types of situations.

There are many social programs that are lacking. There is much support that is lacking.

For your society, especially in the Western world are not built around family, nor the family unit, nor the support of a family.

In fact, this is a practice that has been lost to your planet for some time.

You only find it amongst the indigenous, the few on the planet that are remaining and hidden away from the modern world. For back in olden times, it was the young who birthed the children. And it was the elders who raised them for they had the wisdom. But all children were raised within a big family unit. Meaning that they grow up with aunts and uncles, and many people to love and care for them at any given time.

Food was not an issue, shelter, safety, they received this in many ways. Because, of course, this was during much simpler times when individuals were better at caring for one another through these types of situations.

What is taking place on planet Earth right now is not very supportive of the child.

Although, of course, as the consciousness has been opening up, as individuals are beginning to heal, as the recognition of the destruction of the family unit is coming to the forefront, there are many who are seeking to change this.

It is the youngest of generations on the planet now who will not only begin putting the programs into place to be more supportive, but will be raising their children in a very different way for the family unit will once again become more of a focus.

And with time, it will once again be seen that it is those who have wisdom and experience of life who are best suited to be raising children versus the young who are still raising themselves.

When it comes to abortion, let us say this, there is no right or wrong, and there are so many factors here that is important to not get narrow-minded about any one decision in the midst of it, for there are so many.

But we encourage you to step back, to look at the systems and structures that have led to these types of decisions, and to place your focus there, where true change can occur.

For if you wish for there to be less abortions taking place, then education, support, social programs must come into place, so that these women have other choices. So that they are aware of their body and how to take care of it and how to nurture it.

Instead of feeling like they must make such a decision.

But let us once again remind you, there is no judgment placed on these individuals. And they are not taking a life for this life has not fully come into fruition.

Thank you.

When does a soul enter the body?

Know that everything is planned in advance. Far, far in advance. You may not see it this way, for of course you are looking at it through a human lens. But understand that there is planning in every element of life.

Far before an individual is born. A life is planned. Goals are laid out. These are signed through soul contracts. Decisions are made between different souls and partners come together to assist one another in experiencing that which they wish to experience in any given lifetime.

What we mean by this specifically is that a soul chooses ahead of time who its parents will be, who its siblings will be, or if it has any. Who the great loves of their life will be, who the individuals will be that play the biggest role in their life. Perhaps their best friends, people they work with, whatever the case may be.

These big decisions are made ahead of time.

That being said, there is always free will for the soul itself. When a woman becomes impregnated, she has already made a decision with another soul to be born through her.

Now let us say that often times individuals may choose several souls. Perhaps whether this is through childbirth or through the parents that they are choosing.

Meaning that the soul will not be entering fully into the body until the very last moments before it is born. The soul will come in and out of a woman’s body throughout the pregnancy and at different times, but it does not reside there at all times nor is it fully embodied within that body until the very last moments of childbirth.

Which is why if an individual does choose to have an abortion, they are not indeed killing a soul for that soul has not fully chosen.

Oftentimes when a mother does choose to abort a child, it is because there has been a decision in the spirit world between both of these souls that it must not continue. That perhaps this is not the time. This is even why after a baby is born, a soul may still choose to leave its body. It can choose to leave at any time. This is oftentimes why children will pass away at a young age. Perhaps even within the first several months of their incarnation, as they may choose to live a different life or they may decide that this is not the home in which they want to grow up in.

Souls can be very fickle this way.

Even though things are planned in advance, they have quite a bit of leeway to turn things around if they so choose to do so.

This is oftentimes why, when a woman loses a child through a miscarriage, the soul will once again try in the future and will in fact be incarnated through another body.

You must understand that there is greater work here being done than that which you are aware of or are even able to experience if you are a woman and have gone through the experience of pregnancy.

Souls decide where they want to go, how long they want to be there, and they have many avenues for exits set up throughout their entire life, in case they decide that the lifetime is not fulfilling what it is that they want to experience, or for whatever reason does not feel aligned to them.

It is ultimately the decision of the soul.

Are babies conscious from conception?

No, no, that is not the case at all. As we have just shared, consciousness is a different thing entirely. The baby itself is not truly conscious until it has gone through the birth canal and has woken up crying and screaming.

One of the reasons that babies cry and scream is because they realize that they have indeed entered into another incarnation and are starting the human process all over again. They are confused about the body that they are in and what it is that is taking place. They are confused about their surroundings and what it is that they are doing.

For as they go through that birth canal, they not only take on a human consciousness, but the veil is also dropped, even though it is not entirely, no, not for many years.

Therefore, their experience becomes one that is very different to what it was before.

A soul is, of course, always conscious. But as it is stepping in and out of a human body, it simply takes on the energy of that body while it is in that space. Therefore, it is not fully conscious until it is born.

And just to ensure that I understand, if a woman chooses to get an abortion, is she killing a child?

No, no, it is not that simple.

A woman does not kill a child unless she kills a child. Unless she kills a child that is outside of her body, that is in her 3d reality, that she can touch and feel and hold and speak to and look at.

While it is within her body it is still an aspect of her body for it does not have its own sovereignty yet. Therefore, as we have just mentioned, the soul is not fully conscious. And unless it is fully conscious, it cannot be killed by another individual.

We wish to say this very loudly and very clearly. A woman who chooses to have an abortion is not killing a child, nor is she killing a living being for the soul has not entered that body, nor is it conscious, therefore it is not a living being.

In fact, the consciousness of the being that is inside of a woman’s body is very similar to that… and they’re showing me like a, the consciousness is kind of like an ant. Like it’s very small, it’s very minimal. It does have some awareness. But it’s very, very little. It’s primarily feeling into the energy of the body, feeling into the energy of the mother, feeling into the energy of what is present within that womb, the stories, the history, everything that is.

Therefore, it’s really more a piece of the womb and the mother itself.

And because the mother is sovereign over her own body, because it is her own body until it is outside of her, a woman has full authority to make any decision that she deems correct, to be correct.

Know that through the eyes of the Universe, if you believe something is right for you, then it is right for you.

If you believe it is not, then it is not.

You have the authority in your life, no one but yourself.

Thank you.”

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