How to Raise Your Frequency And Activate Your Life Purpose

Embrace the Vibrational Essence of Your I AM


By Author, Midjourney

“When you live in alignment with your soul, you become a magnet for abundance and success.” Gary Zukav, The Seat of The Soul

You have a unique vibrational frequency representing your true Self, known as your ‘I AM’ or Soul Signature. This signature frequency is the essence of who you are during this lifetime and leads you to your life purpose. When you feel excited or passionate about something, it is your physical translation of the vibration of your I AM. This excitement is your body’s way of recognizing and resonating with your I AM — the essence of your true passion.

Discovering Your Signature Frequency

Your signature frequency is more than just a unique vibration; it is your soul’s (I AM) way of communicating with you. When you feel deep desires, urges, and passions, these are signals from your I AM, guiding you toward your true purpose. Engaging in activities that excite you aligns you with your I AM’s purpose for you.

“A yogi is a super passionate human being who has a sense of boundless involvement.” —…



Carl Gerber (aka Kristopher Raphael)
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