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To Find the Authentic You, Don’t Ask “Who Am I?”, Ask “Who Do I Want to Be?”

[Updated Sept 26, 2021] ​I Want to Be Someone Who Does Not Ask “Who Do I Want to Be?”

Alan Lew
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Automatic Writing (AW) is a type of channeling where one allows a free flow of thoughts from one’s deeper/inner self to be written on paper (or on a computer) without being interrupted by the thinking or ego mind. It is considered a basic introductory technique for learning how to be a channel your Higher Self and other higher dimensional entities.

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Using Automatic Writing, I wrote the following two entries two months apart in 2018 in response to the same question: “Who Do I Want to Be?”. The source of the question is in the first response.

“Who Do I Want To Be?”

(AW #1)

[CONTEXT: I am on an airplane over China, coming from the USA and headed to Shanghai. It is 9 hours, 22 minutes into the flight and two rambunctious boys are bouncing around in front of me as I write this, although they have been quiet most of this flight. Their mom took my seat when I moved over to look out the window because no one was sitting next to me. I am using the middle seat between us for my stuff.]

WRITING: Who do I want to be? I have been listening to Elan [see below] on and off during this flight, which started about 9 hours ago. I think I will look up at my map to see, yes, 9hr 22min ago.

Who do I want to be? This is a question that Elan asks. (*) However, if I have unconditional love for myself, then who I am is perfect now. There is no need to be something else. I am using all of my magical power right now to create everything that I experience right now, and what I am experiencing is what I want to experience. If I want to experience something else, I can just use my magical powers right



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