JULY Akashic Record Forecast: Connect With Yourself

Do not lose heart in these moments

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This is the Akashic Record Forecast for the month of July as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“Raining forward.

Raining forward, yes. Oh, my. Here it comes.

Here it comes with a clash and a bang, with a force like you never saw before.

Yes, yes, it’s coming quick. It’s moving fast.

And we know that this might not seem likely to you as June is certainly ending on a softer note.

But as you’re heading into July, it’s picking up speed. It’s going faster and faster as you are plunging forth into the rest of the year. Into the fire that stands ready and waiting, engulfing.

Knowledge springs forth. It comes to the surface now as eyes are widening, opening. Abrupt translations of how things used to be, leading into what you are now walking into.

Yes, yes. At times it doesn’t make sense. We know this to be true, but you must hold on.

You must slide and dip into what is coming forward for you. Into what is surrounding you. Into what is opening up for you.

Sides and shackles, boundaries–they seem to be closing in now. Yes, yes. They are coming faster and at times you cannot breathe. At times it feels as if there is something stuck in your throat and you cannot speak clearly. Cannot use your voice the way you would like to.

Know that this will be changing in the coming times, but for now you feel all stopped up. Yes, it’s icky. It feels wet and sticky. You dislike it, but that is because the sky is opening, and it is raining down upon you. We mean this in a literal sense and yet not at all.

Primarily, the energy is shifting. Shifting and taking with it those who have not been showing their true selves. Yes, you’re beginning to see things slip, slide through the cracks, falling deep down into the ground before they are thrown back up for everyone to view, to see the truth of what it is that you have been walking along and past your entire lives.

The ideas of who you thought you were, who you thought the world to be, what it all is, is coming tumbling down step by step. Yes, yes. It is breaking, falling, falling, falling faster. As we said before, raining down upon you, you know not what it is that is happening but still you stand, palms outstretched waiting to gain that understanding, that wisdom that wishes to spring forth.

But you must open your heart.

You must look and see.

You must give it time and space.

You must sit with it and listen to what it is. What it has to say.

Do you know that within you lies a wellspring of life and peace, of hope, renewal?

These are things that you should be tapping into at this time. For as we’ve said before, this time is not for the weary of heart. Yes, it pulls out so much from you and fear, fear comes slamming you in the face. Not because we wish it to, simply because this is the cycle of death that the planet must be going through at this time.

And let us tell you, friends, this is only beginning. You are wading in about ankle deep. There is still so much more to come. Yet fertile ground stands beneath you. There you can grow and cultivate all that you will need for the time ahead. But you must connect with yourself.

You must be able to find shelter from the tyranny, the breakdown, the ever-pervading sadness that your souls are feeling at this time.

Know that it will not last forever for nothing lasts forever.

This is only a moment, a blip in the grand scheme of things.

But here in the month ahead, it will swirl around you. It will feel like suffocation at times, and then you will be drenched by all that pours down, washes away.

Allow yourself to be cleansed in this process. Allow yourself to lose the weight that you’ve been carrying for so long. Continue to shake out the old bedspreads, the things that do not serve. Making space and room for the energy to flow so that it does not get caught and stuck to you but continues on its way.

Friends, friends we must tell you that protection is of utmost importance.

Feeding into the lifeblood.

Feeding into the heart within.

Here lies all wisdom.

Here is the path forward.

Do not lose heart in these moments. Do not allow yourselves to give up hope. Know that all is happening as it must and while these things do not seem clear, it is simply because there’s so much happening. Which is simply further reason for you to find that space within.

Connect with yourself.

Abide by what comes forward.

And step past what does not seem meant for you.”

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