JUNE Akashic Forecast: Get Grounded

It’s Almost as if You’re Running From a Storm

Ahna Hendrix
New Earth Consciousness
6 min readJun 3, 2024


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This is the Akashic Forecast for the month of JUNE as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy of the Akasha. Click HERE to listen.

Today, we’re diving into JUNE, an enigmatic and powerful month full of SO MUCH energy, it requires us to clear anything that no longer serves and focus on being grounded and centered.

Don’t try to move at your usual pace. Don’t fill your plate with unnecessary tasks. Don’t neglect yourself.

If you haven’t been purging your life, this month will require you to do so.

“Get Grounded” isn’t the energy, it’s the medicine. Buckle in, slow down, and pay attention.

Enjoy and let me know how it resonates with you!

“Belting tunes coming down from up above. Rising, rising, feet stomping into the ground. Ankles, and toes, knees and legs beating, beating, beating down, trying to get away from something, run from something, turn around, run back, run forth, run wild.

It feels as if the pace has picked up to such a deafening one, that it’s difficult for you to keep up.

To carry all the things that you have in your arms, that which is laid out beneath you, that which is all around you, that which is occurring, that which flows forward, comes forward, drips down all around.

For Mother Nature has opened up and expanded so wide, she has exploded upon the scene, letting you know her displeasure for all the ways in which you have forsaken her and that which you take so much for granted.

Those sunny days, the rainy skies, that which you would have considered to be such a blessing, you are now crumbling underneath. For the force is strong and carries with it a deafening sound.

We know that this sounds quite fierce and why yes of course it is, for all of the different changing pieces on the game board are picking up and being moved around now.

For you must understand that now you are into the depths of 2024 and that which has been making its way onto the scene, creeping along at a steady pace is now meeting in crescendo, loud explosions overhead, many things raining down, pouring down. You feel this weight upon your shoulders and your legs.

How will you carry it forward?

What is most important now is to look down at your hands. To see that which is beneath you, that which it is you are carrying from palm to palm.

Is it all necessary? Do you truly require all of it? Or are you trying to take so much with you because you have no faith? No faith in what is yet to come. No faith in that which is billowing forward.

Even in the midst of this destruction and lightning, we know, we know it sounds so fierce and so harsh, but you must understand this is simply the way in which the energy is moving.

And it must bust things up. It must tear things apart.

And you, my dear, hopefully by now, you are standing upon that solid ground, which we talked about for so long, so that you are able to withstand the wind, the structures falling around you, even as you look out upon all that which is taking place around you.

Now is the time to come back within. Now is the time to recenter yourself, to spend time here, and to take with you those you love most.

It’s almost as if you’re running from a storm, but let us say this is not a storm that you can get away from.

No, no, you’ve got to show your strength, your force, your ability to walk forward through it, knowing that it’s not going to last forever, knowing that on the other side of it, the sky will break and sun will shine forward.

For many things must come to the surface. You will see truth like you haven’t before. You will come into an understanding of the ways in which the world works.

And yes, it will make you mad, it will make you angry so that you beat your fists upon the walls, so that you speak in loud tones.

For, of course, you must know that if you wish to experience a different world, then you must create it for yourself.

You must require of those who are in power to do things differently, and you must show up in a different way.

This call will go out in many various ways. It will sit with those whom are meant to be on the front lines, while others of you will be neatly tucked in at home, in your environments, and the safety of those walls, yet feeling so alive for the first time.

For even as we are talking about all that which is taking place upon the earth, this too is taking place within you, in the very depths of you. You are unable to look away anymore. You cannot plug your ears. There is nowhere for you to hide.

For you now know, you must move forward.

But what does moving forward look like? How will you go? And what will you carry with you? Will you try to pack it all in so that you can accommodate every situation? Or will you have trust in the Universe and the ways in which it wants to show up for you? How it is nurturing you. How it is caring for you on a daily basis. How it ensures that you have what it is you need.

Understand that if you are wanting more, if you would like to push past those boundaries, then you must grasp it for yourself.

You must believe that you are worthy of all of the warmth and sunshine that you are looking for. Of all of the ways in which you can picture those most profound parts of yourself, echoing forward, showing up in glimpses, glances, visions that take place, that come up from your heart.

Know that your dreams are your dreams for a reason, for they surface to propel you forward, to give you something to move towards, to remember Who it is that You Are.

No, they are not just figments of your imagination. And what of the imagination?

Why it is one of the strongest tools that you have been given. For it is through the mind that you create difference, that you head on a new path, that you undertake things that you would have never dreamed of before.

Utilize your imagination, build a beautiful future for yourself and this planet. Dream up the highest versions of yourself knowing that you can only imagine that which is real, even if you are not experiencing yet in the physical world.

Resign yourself to knowing that it will come forward for you if you keep this vision clear for yourself, if you do not allow the world to throw you off course.

For all the shaking and the jumbling, the fighting, the arguing, it’s going to reach a deafening tone. This month it is just building up.

We are heading into tumultuous times and we share this with you so that you may feel urgent when it comes to enacting change in your life.

For it’s not as if you are running out of time, it’s simply that as you move forward, it is going to become more and more difficult.

Come back to center, come back to home, come back to the practices, the people, the environments that help you to connect with yourself. That help you to blend those versions of yourself into one, so that you can make clear decisions about how to move forward. So that you can stand up on your own two feet.

So that you are not left wondering what happened in the years to come.

Be awake and ready. Practice your presence. Sit with yourself in silence, connect with your body, and allow the wisdom that it wants to share to come forward, to be heard.

For you are such a precious thing, a work of wonder, a beautiful art.

Do not forget what you are made of, the stars in the sky, and all of the magic that puts it all together. You are an infinite being and you are here on this planet at this time for a purpose, a reason.

Do not forget it or get caught up.

Connect within.

Spend time within.

And build yourself strong.”

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