JUNE Akashic Record Forecast: You Can Be Reborn

This year is breaking open as it moves forward

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This is the Akashic Record Forecast for the month of June as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“There are hills that ride high. For there are things buried beneath them. Bones, rock, smoldering fires, warmth, and depth. And so, so much more.

Foundations have been laying. Yes, they’ve been making their way into the earth even as Mother Earth continues her own awakening. The skies light up, the birds sing through the air.

There is nothing that can prevent you from moving forward on this path. For it opens up to you as you look left, as you look right. As you take in all that is around you, surrounds you — the green bush, the fruit on the vine that tickles beneath your feet. It is the feeling, the atmosphere that draws so close to you in this time. Awakening you one by one.

It is a tickle on your ear. It is a sound that travels its way through your mind, your skull, making its way out to the other side. It is the embers that burn within. For these embers are of the Earth as you are of the Earth.

No, no, we cannot remind you enough that what it is below you and all it is that is around you–these are components of yourself. They are mirrors lit upon the directions that you go. The lights that shine so bright for you. That tell you things over and over. Yet you look away.

It is these roaring fires that will roll forward now. They will meet you, scorching your fingertips, lighting up your hair. Causing you to want to leave, to get out, to run, to feign indifference, to pretend it all isn’t happening. But it is. And the sooner that you can come to this realization, the better. For it is the waves that knock up against you. Those that come around your ankles and knees that will save you.

The watery depths. The emotions of all you are. You have ran from them for so long. You have looked in other directions, always seeking to find other things, but those other things are running out. And it seems that the air is getting tighter, and you cannot breathe for the fire is making its way in around you, around you. You feel this claustrophobia. You wish to cry out, you wish to release yourself in the midst of it, but you cannot. For you must come face to face with what is. With what has brought you to this place. With what is opening up inside of you.

It is great, it is shining. It can dance upon the earth like nothing that it has ever seen before. For these are the seeds of change taking place within each and every one of you. Taking place in their own movement, at their own time. Yes, yes, it is this time that thunders forward. That gets beneath the very depths of you. For yes, you find yourself in human form but that is not what you are.

You are eternal.

You are forever.

You are something that will never end.

And all that is taking place now is all that is taking place now.

Do not think any more of it or any less. Do not allow yourself to become encumbered by it, strung up by its very happenings. For it calls you forth on a path that is your own.

This year is breaking open as it moves forward. Prepare yourself for the days ahead or they will crackle beneath your feet. It will be as if you were stepping on scorched earth. For you will feel its pain and this pain you must not run from.

This pain you must hold within your hand. Become oh so familiar with what is its lesson. What has it been trying to tell you for so long? What is meant to happen here?

Allow yourself to let loose with it. To dive into the very depths of it.

For there is nothing on this earth that is not yours. Pieces of it, elements of it. The love and the hate that you feel. The tender fear. The wayward motions. The collapse. Calamity. All that is, is shutting down what it is that does not serve.

This and so much more is what will be happening for some time. In this, and as always with this, find your place. Find your center. Find your calm.

Do not give in to what wishes to seep inside of you. To put its very daggers inside of you. No, do not allow this to happen. For you must stand strong in these times, and strength is within you. You must believe this. You must know this. You must feel this. You must push yourself so that you can experience this.

For this is what is true. You have come here now in these times to experience these things because you are worthy. Because you have gifts. Because you are needed. Because, because–there are so many.

Do not allow yourself to get lost in feeling sorry for yourself or your situation. Do not play victim to all of the stories that the worldly voices would like to tell you. Rise above them. Experience your greatness. Experience your peace and calm. Fight back with your inner coolness against the flames that wish to engulf you.

Know that difficult times are ahead. But through these flames, you can be reborn. You can start anew. You can begin again. You can be cleansed. You can see clearly. You can evolve.

We wait with open hearts.

We wait with patience for this.

For you to recognize Who You Are.”

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