MARCH Akashic Forecast: Deeper Into Self

You Feel it Within Your Body and Soul

Ahna Hendrix
New Earth Consciousness


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This is the Akashic Forecast for the month of MARCH as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy of the Akasha. Click HERE to listen.

The Monthly Akashic Forecast returns, exploring the theme of “Deeper Into Self” for March.

Building on February’s “Choose Yourself” theme, March invites us to delve deeper, push through renewal, and gain clarity on our evolving selves in these times.

This month marks a continuation of February’s energy, yet opens a new doorway for exploration. Expect an accelerated pace and heightened intensity. And self-care becomes paramount as we navigate this deeper journey.

Are you ready to embark on a deeper exploration of yourself?

Let me know how it resonates with you! May it serve.

“There’s a wind that builds up. It pushes then it pulls. Pulling down that which is above, the energy that has risen. That which floats here, falls down, presses up, moves, shakes, swirls.

A cacophony of music, sound, and tone falls upon your ears, a gentle melody playing through your body, siphoning its way down to the very root of you.

The root of your core on this earth, planted into this earth, arisen from this earth. This earth, this earth, she shifts and tides. She welcomes and negates. Much is changing within her at this time. Change that moves from one month to the other.

Perhaps it is subtle in its overtones, but perhaps it takes on life and energy and shifts and moves when you look at the overall picture of what is happening.

This month, much is going to come forward. For of course, the volume is beginning to rise and things are moving more quickly now.

There will be more unearthing to be done. More masks to be removed. More truth to rise to the very tips of the tongues of those who speak out loud to the collective, who dig in their heels, who refuse to look away.

This awakening sun, it shines down upon us, opening up every pore, every organ, every inch that is here, whether it is upon the human body or that which outlines around it.

For shifts and turns are taking place, and sometimes it feels as if you are underwater — the energy, it feels so heavy.

What are you doing to work your way through this?

How are you caring for yourself in these times?

Yes, yes, we continue asking these questions, beckoning you towards that which you are moving through, and also continuing to bring you focused front and center to not only what is here, but what is on its way.

For as we have shared so many times, the importance of your self-care and how that plays out for you is of utmost importance in these times. That which you must focus your time and attention on.

For the steady beat of the drum is growing louder and deeper. And the energy that will begin beckoning forward as the earth shifts and tilts, and new seasons are beginning to take place will begin pulling off the covers of what has truly been happening these past couple of months.

We know it may seem as if you have gone through a portal, as if you have been unable to see, but in fact, the very opposite is true, and certainly what has been happening.

For you’ve been opening and growing on the very deepest levels of you, trudging through the sand and snow and grit that lies beneath your feet. Trying to find your way back to that path which you lined for yourself, yet has gotten mixed up and forgotten in the rigmarole of all that is taken place since this year kicked off.

Preparation, preparation, you are still in the midst of it, in fact, in the very beginning stages of it, for this year it looks different than the last, but certainly has quite a few similarities.

What will you do with the energy at this time?

Will you allow it to gnaw at you so that you are scrimping and scraping and tearing away at your own surface, scarring that which lies on top of everything else?

Or will you be gentle and kind and sit with the many arrays of emotions that float up, that move and shift, and bring your attention to that which is here and certainly that which is taking place as you move forward on this path?

You are falling deeper into self, the wisdom that is here. No, you are not as easily swayed as you have been in the past. Nor is distraction as easy for you.

For you feel it within your body and soul, it echoes into these chambers when something is not aligned. Even if it does not make its way to your mind, there is a connection here — a beating, steady pace that is welcoming you, opening up, opening up, taking you in and deep and further.

Do not try to run away or cover up your sight. Do not try to bide your time from day to day, acting as if you can slow it down. For no, you are not in control of the overall shifts that must take place, that will take place, that are in process of taking place.

But yes, there is still plenty of control to be had — through you, for you, that which lands on your plate, how you react, the ways in which you entangle yourself in the world around you.

Will you become more of who you are in these times, or will you allow yourself to get swept up in all of the many voices around you? The ideas of how things should shift and shake, and what should come to the surface.

Know that your heart is steadily beating and it opens up more easily now, which is perfectly aligned.

For mankind is beginning to understand that it is connected. That through one hand finds another. That skins may be melded together. That minds and hearts and bodies are searching for the same thing.

You are all so powerful. Yet you give this power away too easily.

You offer it up and in exchange for shiny things. Things that make it a little easier to be on this planet at this time. You fill your minds and your bodies with contaminants.

We do not bring this up to shame you, simply to bring your attention to what is at hand and how much you wish to break free of it.

Know that suffering will only come through this path if you continue to try to wrestle away from what is, instead of looking at it dead on, face to face.

You have all the power that you could ever need.

But in your mind, you must make a decision. The decision that we have been calling you to for some time.

Who will you be in these times?

What will your offering be to the collective?

And how will you ensure that you can care for yourself so that you can truly show up for others?

Regardless of what you do now, you will not be able to stack too many things upon your plate, for something will break and fall, even if it is not within you and your own body, it will certainly be in those around you.

You must take caution and care as you move forward into this year.

To step slowly, diligently, know which direction you are seeking to go while also making it a priority to spend time with loved ones, to hear yourself laugh, be joyful. Find intrigue in between the pages of all that feels so heavy and serious in these times.

For life was not meant to be so, but you have signed up to be a part of this planet during a great time of change, and you feel this on the most visceral level, unconscious level, down into every single molecule within you.

That is why fear is so easy in its takeover of your system. It is why it beckons you into dark corners when it seems as if only little things are going wrong.

You must sit with yourself in these times.

You must nurture that which is within.

You must not try to run away.

But to simply continue walking, head held high, remembering it was your choice to be here now.

Now, what will you do with this choice?”

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Ahna Hendrix
New Earth Consciousness

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