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Messages from My Spiritual Past & Future Selves

You, too, can try the guided meditation to do this.

Alan Lew
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3 min readSep 17, 2021
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I learned to channel my guides in Nov/Dec 2018. I took two classes, one on Udemy with an instructor who I could consult, and recordings of another on YouTube. I recount my full experience doing that here.

Lesson 4 of the YouTube class included a guided meditation in which I connected to and sought messages from my “Past Self” and my “Future Self”.

I had completely forgotten this until I came across it in my notes from those 2018 classes. (A friend recently asked me to teach her how to channel, so I was reviewing my notes from those two classes. I have never tried to teach someone to channel before.)

Below is what I wrote about my brief encounters with my Past Self and Future Self.

My “Past Self” message:

I was a young Chinese man on a boat on the Singapore River where I worked as a coolie. But I was very interested in spirituality. I eventually left that job and ended up in a monastery in the foothills of the Himalayas in India.

There was another young man with me who was my friend and fellow student. He was very intense in how he would stare at me. In my present life, the person who feels most like that other student is one of my Yoga Teacher Training teachers. (I was taking a yoga teacher training class at the time.)

There was no clear message. The implied message from this experience was that I have done considerable spiritual work in my other lives, more than in this life. And this is something that I can build on in my current life.

My “Future Self” message:

My future self is a teacher who works one-on-one with students on spiritual growth. I am not sure if I am in physical reality or more of a 4th Dimensional (dreamlike) plane. I see myself as an older, white-haired man



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