A Guest Poem by Vaishali Ngo

My Most Important Relationship

This relationship will remain for all eternity, for it is with myself, my true self.

Believe in yourself on the side of a building
Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

My most important and longest relationship
began when I began.

It endured the ages.
It survived through my many life times.
And it surpassed time…




Earth’s ascension to a spiritual 5th Dimension is accelerating, bringing new opportunities to create a better world for all. ‘New Earth Consciousness’ supports this transformation by publishing heart centered writings on Ascension/Awakening, Channelings, and Other Insights.

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Alan Lew

Alan Lew

On an Awakening Planet, each thing has value and purpose and every moment is synchronicity — https://EGChanneling.com

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