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“Soulmates” vs “Twin Flames”

Actually, there are “TWIN-Flames”, “Twin-FLAMES”, “SOUL-Mates”, and “Soul-MATES”.

Alan Lew
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12 min readJan 23, 2021
by Antonino SCIMECA (, cc-by)

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“SOULMATES” and “Twin Flames” both refer to two souls who come from the same “soul family” and have a pre-birth “soul contract” or agreement to play out certain roles in an incarnation (or life) that they share. The goal of this relationship is to support one another’s spiritual evolution.

Beyond that basic definition, there appears to be much diversity of opinion in spiritual circles as to just what these two terms refer to.

For more on “souls” and “soul families” see:

Twin Flames and Soulmates (less commonly spelled as Twinflames and Soul Mates, respectively) are among the more popular topics of discussions in the spiritual groups that I follow on Facebook, although not as popular as Dark Night of the Soul experiences and trying to define “Awakening”.

For more on “Dark Night of the Soul” experiences, see:

Based on those sources, there seem to be three common definitions:
(1) Twin Flames are the same as Soulmates;
(2) Twin Flames are more important than Soulmates; and
(3) Soulmates are more important than Twin Flames.

Here is how these three definitions of Twin Flame and Soulmate relationships vary.

Warning: The quote below was posted in a spiritual awakening group on Facebook. There are many definitions and heated debates over what Twin Flames and…



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