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Suffering as a Call to Action

Suffering is what drives us on a spiritual path back to the oneness that is our true identity.

Alan Lew
9 min readFeb 6, 2023


Tibetan thanka painting of the Wheel of Life, photo by Alan Lew, author (cc-by)

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Gautama Buddha began his awakening path when he saw suffering for the first time in the world.

— Could awakening be the purpose of suffering in the world?
— Could suffering be the motivation for us to take action toward awakening?
— Could suffering be the catalyst for positive change?

We See Suffering in our World

We call it suffering because we know the world could be better. We want the world to be better because we love the world.

— Sometimes, what we see in the world emotionally moves us to take action. Other times not. The same suffering moves some people, but not others. Each of us is on our own path of growth. When we are ready to be moved, to take action, and to change, the motivation to do so will come.

— A major reason we write and teach spirituality is to end the suffering of others. We write and teach spirituality is to bring happiness to others. In that way, relieving…



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