An New Earth Consciousness (NEC) Article Series

The NEC “WHO ARE YOU?” Article Series

New Earth Consciousness (NEC) articles that help “you” to know and be who you truly are.

I no longer update this collection of articles. ***

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The Many "Yous"

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    — Alan Lew

Being spiritual is an internal process. It means coming to a better understanding who you are as separate from who the outside world (3D reality) thinks you are.

This collection includes articles that give you greater insight into the multidimensional and multi-personality being that you are.

CORE Articles to Understand YOU

Contents of How to Unlock the Hidden “Yous” That Make You Unique
0- The Oneness and The Many (Introduction)
1- The 5 Spiritual Selves
2- The 5 Types of Ego (or “outer self”)
3- The 5 Levels of Your Soul (or “inner self”)
4- Your 5+ Kosha Selves
5- Manifesting Through 3 Selves
6- The 9 Spiritual Dimensions of You
7- Your 9 Chakra Personalities
8- Your Masculine & Feminine Selves
9- Your 17 Emotional Selves (David R. Hawkins)
10- 11 of Your Many Voices (Voice Dialogue)

Contents of How to Know Your Ego, Self, Higher Self, Soul, & God
1- “Who Am I?”
2- The Outer Ego
3- Going Into the Self
4- “You are Always Only Talking to Yourself”
5- Navigating Separation & Oneness

Includes a complete list of spiritual and other terms for each layer of who we are. For example: Outer Ego > Personality > Self > True Self > Individual Soul > Spirit Guides > Higher Self > Universal Soul > God as a Thing > God as Not a Thing> The Divine

Contents of The Reason Why “You” Is the Most Toxic Word in New Age Spirituality
1- A Huge Debate Over “You”
2- Defining “You”
3- 5 Spiritual “Yous”
4- Getting the Right “You”
5- Revising the Debate
6- Every “You” Wants Happiness
7- Glossary of Spiritual Terms for Self/You/I/Me
8- Additional Historical Terms for “God”

Contents of Spiritual Explainer: The Truth About Our 5 Types Egos
1- 30 Definitions of the Ego (grouped in 5 types)
2- The Working Mind & Thinking Mind
3- Ego Growth & Maturity
4- 5 Types of Egos = 1 Ego
5- Type I — The “I Am” Ego
6- Type II — The “I Am My Story” Ego
7- Type III — The “Autopilot” Ego
— 7.1. Free Will & the Autopilot Ego
— 7.2. How To Temporarily Stop Your Autopilot Thoughts
8- Type IV — The “Thinking & Deciding” Ego
— 8.1. Freud’s Egos
9- Type V — The “Physical Reality” Ego
10- Spiritual Egos & Confirmation Bias
11- Egoism, Egotism, Egocentrism, & Narcissism
12- Racism & Collective Egos
13- Do We Need an Ego?
14- What is Your Definition of “Ego”?
15- Awakening From the Story (a poem)

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