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How to See Life, the Universe, & Existence as Always Perfect in Every Way

[Updated Feb 17, 2022] But a flawless universe still needs “spiritual activists” to evolve and ascend its infinity.

Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness
18 min readNov 23, 2020


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[1] Defining “Perfect”
[2] When “Perfect” is “Too Perfect”
[3] Higher Self & Lower Self Perfections
[4] Seeing the Higher Self / God Perspective
— 4.1. Radical Nonduality
[5] The Imperfect World is Perfect
[6] “Darkness” Is How the Universe Evolves & Ascends
[7] How to Be Your Higher Self & Ego at the Same Time
— 7.1. Spiritual Activism

NOT that I am enlightened or anything, but it seems arrogant for us humans to think that we know better than the universe and that we can judge something, anything, as not perfect just the way it is.

The universe is a manifestation of God/Source/All-That-Is/The Absolute and is entirely of and within God/Source/All-That-Is/The Absolute.



Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness

Anything and Everything is Possible in an Infinite Universe — (paywall-free article links)