Unleashing Your True Self - Breaking Free from the Conditioned Mind

Discover An Ancient Shamanic Practice for Spiritual Liberation


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What is the number one obstacle to advancing on a spiritual path? The answer is the conditioned mind. A conditioned mind cannot perceive truth. It cannot perceive higher knowledge. It has difficulty perceiving higher aspects of Self (I AM). Yes, it is possible to transcend the conditioned mind. If this interests you, read on.

First, it must be said that the mind, or mental body, is not inherently bad. It is an essential tool for thriving in the earth-life-system. However, it is just that — a tool. Unfortunately, modern society has made the mental body our master.

The mental body tries hard to do everything we ask it to. However, much of what we ask it to do is beyond the scope of its original function. For example, we ask our mental body for guidance. It is not capable of giving proper guidance.

Your Inner Teacher

Our intuition, connected to higher aspects of Self and sometimes called our Inner Teacher, is meant to guide us. It is not limited by space and time.

The Inner Teacher is not bound to memory. The mental body, on the other hand, cannot function without memory. Every answer the…



Carl Gerber (aka Kristopher Raphael)
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