An Energy Group/Higher Self Channeled Message

Our Mind is a Fascinating Mix of Multiple Points of Consciousness

[Updated May 27, 2022] Like a flock of birds, we dispersed our consciousness across space, time, and multidimensional realities.

Alan Lew
12 min readSep 21, 2020


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Your consciousness is not one thing like a flashlight, that you possess. It is instead a literally endless conglomeration of points of consciousness, swarming together to form your validity — stamped, as it were, with your identity.

(Intently:) Whether dispersed, concentrated in a tight grouping, appearing “alone” or flying through other larger swarms, that particular organization represents your identity. Using an analogy, its “particles” could be dispersed throughout the universe, with galaxies between, yet the identity would be retained.

- Seth/Jane Roberts, The Nature of the Psyche, session 791, January 17, 1977


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