Body, Mind, Heart — Presence, Silence, Eternity

Who Am I?

… a poem about who we all are …

Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness
3 min readSep 9, 2020



Who Am I?

I am my Body
…my Mind
…my Heart

My Body knows Comfort
My Mind knows Wisdom
My Heart knows Happiness

Body, Mind, Heart
I am Me
I am filled with Love

I am All I Sense
…All I Know
…All I Feel

I am my Past
…my Story
…my Thoughts

I am my Future
…my Desires
…my Opportunities

I am my Presence
…my Silence
…my Eternity

Body, Mind, Heart
Past, Future, Present
This is my Power

This is how I Create
This is how I Love
This is my Soul

This is my Life
This is Me

Who Am I?



Alan Lew
New Earth Consciousness

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