Part 3 of a 4-part ‘Guide to Meditation’

Your Life Is Your Meditation (II): Examples of GUIDED Meditations

My personal review of “External Meditation” practices that are part of the 9 basic types of meditation.

Alan Lew
14 min readSep 2, 2021


by David Goehring (, cc-by)

This Article is the 3rd in my series on Meditation. The initial introductory article was Meditation Explainer: the What, Why & How of Meditating.

In that first article I identified 3 Forms of Meditation:

Each of these Forms has 3 Types, for a total of 9 Types.

Forms & Types of Meditation — CLICK TO ENLARGE — by Alan Lew, cc-by

The What, Why & How of Meditating article describes each of the 9 types in a general overview. This article is a personal review of examples of the 3 types of Guided Meditations. I also discuss some ways to combine different types of meditation.

My meditation practices vary, but over the course of a week they will include most of the following. (Note that if I close my eyes, I use the word “meditation”. If my eyes are mostly open, I use the word “practice”.)

[Form 1] SELF Meditation Practices (Internal) —* Previous Article*

TYPE 1.1. No-Meaning Focusing <Example 1> Mantra Meditation
TYPE 1.2. Meaning Focusing <Example 2> Chakra Meditation
TYPE 1.3. No-Focusing <Example 3> Non-Duality Mindfulness



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